Casillas Or Deigo Lopez?

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  Reports have it that Ancelotti has basically conceded that one of Casillas and Lopez has to leave come the end of the season. To be fair to Ancelotti, it is a hard decision for him to make. Casillas has proven himself time and time again as the best goalkeeper in the world. His ability on one on one situations with the strikers is unmatched and he will probably go down as the greatest in that department. On the other hand we have Diego lopez who is very very solid on the ball and in the air. The main reason, for most, why Ancelotti and Mourinho preferred Diego Lopez over Casillas was that Lopez had better positioning than Casillas and was more assured in the air. He could come out and punch balls out of the penalty area and … [Read more...]

Ronaldo: 12 Years A Half Slave

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  Ronaldo can play at this level for another 6 years at the least says one of Portugal National team’s fitness staff because of his superior genes and mostly because of his work ethic which should not be considered anything less than of a slave. Slaves work all the time and from sources close to Ronaldo, so does he. If he gives half his awake time to his training (which he currently does) then he does become a slave in the sense that all he is dedicated to is his work. May be that is the reason FIFA president Sepp Blatter alluded to modern football players as slaves with astronomically high salaries. Whatever the case, it’s all good new for Real Madrid if Ronaldo can play at this level for another 6 seasons. In Fact, the doctor … [Read more...]

For Real Madrid, If It Happens to Everyone Then It Happens To No One

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  There were several reasons this weekend in La Liga for which I think nothing happened in La liga. Here are some of them: Ronaldo scored a single goal for Real Madrid against Granada. Such have been the standards Ronaldo has set for himself that when he doesn’t score a hat trick in a game, he along with everybody else is a bit disappointed. The hard work and intensity that he was putting in the match even after scoring in the 57th minute against Granada showed that Ronaldo was not content on leaving the match with a single goal. Of Course, Granada made sure Ronaldo got disappointed. For Ronaldo, it was almost as if nothing had happened even though something had happened as he obviously scored. Benzema continued his … [Read more...]

Marcelo and Carvajal


  I don’t know about you guys but I think Ancelotti has found his best bets for right back and left back positions at Real Madrid. Marcelo and Carvajal have been amongst the most consistent players for Real Madrid this season. Both are poor in the air and that can be a problem in Champions League but as far as La Liga is concerned I think Ancelotti needs to settle down to these two in order to bring some stability to Real Madrid’s backline. Marcelo and Carvajal offer a lot of options in attack and are strong in defense two. Marcelo is a little rough when it comes to positioning himself when not in possession of the ball but same cannot be said of Carvajal who despite being the younger of the two has shown great maturity this … [Read more...]

Prediction: Real Madrid 4-1 Granada

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    Real Madrid will play the lowly Granada tomorrow. At Bernabeu, Real Madrid are expected to score a lot of goals and I have a feeling that they will as if Real Madrid win, it would be the first time in something like 2 years since Real Madrid topped the table. That to me is a big motivation for tomorrow's game as far as Real Madrid players are concerned. Ronaldo would be looking to get back into scoring form as he was unable to score in the last match against Espanyol in Copa Del Rey. Real Madrid did win 0-1 away from home so progression in Copa Del Rey is pretty much guaranteed. For tomorrow's game I think Ronaldo, Bale and Modric would be among the scorers. Modric has been in scintillating form in recent matches … [Read more...]

On The Left For Real Madrid: DI Maria or Gareth Bale


  Who should play on the left? Ancelotti has been adamant in playing Di Maria down the middle in a mesh between Modric and Alonso. I don’t know how Di Maria adjusts himself for that position but clearly his prowess is on the wings rather than middle of the pitch where he lacks vision and strength on the ball. It’s not that he is Real Madrid’s worst player in every match, that honor should be reserved for either Marcelo or Ramos but I can’t ignore the thought in my mind that Di Maria would be seriously thinking about his chances to improve as a player. Playing down the middle is going to hamper his wing game and that can never be good as improving in a specific position at this level of game is very difficult so you can’t … [Read more...]

Hang in there Real Madrid

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Double whammy for Real Madrid fans as Barcelona along with Atletico Madrid have dropped 2 points each(as a icing on the cake, Messi did not score this weekend while Ronaldo did. That obviously can be countered as Messi scored twice last week whereas Ronaldo did not score at all). That has blasted the title race open with Real Madrid behind by 1 point from Barcelona and Atletico Madrid.   I have to say that it took a long time to come. For some weeks it seemed like Barcelona was not going to drop any points at all, at least this season. Now Barcelona has drawn two games in 3 weeks.   Real Madrid, now, has the chance to take this opportunity and make use of it to the fullest. Grab Barcelona’s neck and choke the life out of it. … [Read more...]