Why Bayern Should Thank Their Stars

Let me tell you something. Bayern Munich should thank their stars that Real Madrid did not humiliate them further in front of their own fans just 2 hours ago. Here is why: Bale could have scored when Neuer mistimed a clearance way outside of his penalty area. It was on Bale’s left foot and he wasn’t under any sort of pressure to speak of. Ronaldo could have scored with his left foot and came pretty close when Neuer came way off his line again and was unable to clear the ball appropriately. Ronaldo could have scored in the first leg when he was through on goal against Neuer. Di Maria could have scored when he was just a foot outside the goal and shot over the bar in the first leg. So Bayern Munich fans should … [Read more...]

Real Madrid Perform Demolition Job 101 on Munich

  Two headed goals for Sergio Ramos to dump Bayern Munich bodies out of Champions League and another two (one a typical Ronaldo finish and one a cheeky Ronaldinho-under the wall- free kick) to burn Bayern Corpses. What a game it was. The least said about this humiliation, the better. I guess, Real Madrid took revenge on Germany for Spain. Last year Bayern Munich destroyed Barcelona 7-0 on aggregate but this year Real Madrid avenged that defeat to not so neighbourly Barcelona at the expense of Bayern Munich. The Super Quad core processor that power this Real Madrid team in the form of Ronaldo, Bale, Benzema and Di Maria did the trick on the night. Awesome pace with great first touches on the ball ensured that Bayern got what they … [Read more...]

Why is Gareth Bale So Ahead Of The Pack

Not many players can keep their first team position at Real Madrid. Amongst those even few, if any, are able to keep their first team position secured while they are not 100 percent physically. So what Bale has got that others don’t that has allowed him to be constant fixture at Real Madrid even though it is his first season at Real Madrid. Here are the reasons why: Lets get this straight. Bale is a physically monster. He is a beast even when he is not 100 percent fit. His natural fitness if more than anyone else in the world of football. There are not many players who can stay with him let alone knock him off the ball. That much advantage over his peers allows Bale to contribute to a team like Real Madrid even when he is not at … [Read more...]

Big Game Bale Puts Neymar In His Place

Why d id Real Madrid pay 100 million euros for Bale? The Copa Del Rey final should give you all the reasons why. Bale now has scored 20 goals in 39 games this season while Neymar has scored 15 goals in 40 appearances. Not to mention the fact that Bale has been going to a tough time this season because of his lack of pre season training. And lets not even talk about the importance of the goals Bale has scored this season. Tonight's goal in another goal which Real Madrid desperately needed and Bale delivered. I don't know about Neymar but I hope he improves next season. He still has got a lot to learn. He keeps on dribbling past the same player time and time again. I would suggest a better approach would be to pass sometimes and … [Read more...]

Real Madrid Tell Barcelona: My Turn

Di Maria and Bale have done for Real Madrid what Ronaldo and Benzema could not do last season and have won Real Madrid Copa Del Rey. Real Madrid teared through Barcelona with blistering pace and power. DI Maria scored the first goal on 11nth minute mark on the counter attack and used his pace to get past Barcelona defenders to take a low shot on the far corner to which Pinto only got a faint hand. Barcelona fought back with a goal from a headed goal by Barta from a corner. And lastly, Bale showed his beastly strength, pace , acceleration and deft touch to win the game for Real madrid around 83 rth minute mark. So long Barcelona, so trophies for you guys this season (I hope)   After being able to get only 1 point from a possible 12 … [Read more...]

Gareth Bale And 100 Million Euro (After Taxes and Fines) Neymar Jr

  It has taken Gareth Bale 125 minutes (on average of course) to score a goal in the Champions league and La Liga combined. Not really as good as Ronaldo’s (or Messi’s) ratio but compared with the Barcelona youngster Neymar, who scores every 200 minutes, I think is pretty good. Bale has not been really at his full potential this season due to injuries and what not but obviously at this level of sports, not being fit is not an excuse. Bale has scored 14 to 15 goals this season depending on how you count while Neymar has scored 12 to 13 goals this season. Neymar has about 13 assists this season to Bale’s 11. All in all, both are in stiff competition in terms of statistics. In terms of usefulness of goals, then Bale goes all … [Read more...]

Why Isco Could Have Changed Atletico Madrid Derby Result


  For me it is more of a no brainer really, to give playing time to Isco even in important games. He could easily swap places with Di Maria or Bale (DI Maria in this case would go to his natural winger position with Isco in the middle) or Modric. This is last stretch of the season and it is during this stage that teams start to break down because of injuries to personnel or because the players are tired mentally and physically. Real Madrid looked both against Atletico Madrid this past weekend. Why did Ancelotti did not go with Isco from the start. For me he played really well after he came on in the second half. Here are a few reasons why I think he could have changed the game for Real Madrid and why Ancelotti should have at … [Read more...]