Real Madrid’s Summer Slump

(Photo By Ronnie Macdonald)

Manchester United have just completed a deal for Van Persie. Van Persie being unhappy the way Arsenal club was being operated opted to get transferred to Manchester United. Barcelona also looks all set to sign Song from Arsenal. I don’t know what it … [Read more...]

Real Madrid March On

Ronaldo has scored 2 goals so far in the preseason

Real Madrid beat Celtic 2-0 couple of days back and I think would do for the preseason. One note I want to make of the preseason so far is, Ronaldo’s rustiness. He has not looked within 2 levels to the Ronaldo we saw at the end of last season. I do … [Read more...]

Benfica Slaughter Real Madrid

A 5-2 loss to Benfica would not hurt him at this point in time (From Flickr)

Today (or maybe yesterday depending on where you live) Real Madrid lost to Benfica by 2 goals to 5. Benfica have now won the Eusebio Cup for the third straight year. You would think to yourself that how come Benfica was able to beat a Real Madrid of … [Read more...]