Perez Is Ok With Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is most likely (and I say most likely not absolutely) to sign a new deal with Real Madrid in the coming days (Photo from Flickr)

Perez Is Ok With Ronaldo Florentino Perez has come out and said that Ronaldo will not be sold to any club, not even for 1 billion euros. That is a let off for most Real Madrid fans and I think it is a smart move made by Perez. It would do a number of good things for Real Madrid and Ronaldo, which are: ·         It would give Ronaldo confidence that Real Madrid management is behind him and wants him at the club. ·         It would be a nice start for Real Madrid and Ronaldo to discuss Ronaldo’s contract and other stuff related to that. ·          It would give the whole team a nice confidence boost that Ronaldo is not going anywhere and Real Madrid still have the power that other clubs do not have and because of that players can’t just … [Read more...]

Why Selling Higuain Is Okay

Gonzalo Higuain of Real Madrid wants to quit (Photo By Jan Solo)

Why Selling Higuain Is the Best Thing to Do.   Gonzalo Higuain (aged 25 just in case you are wondering) wants to leave Real Madrid, no one is denying that, not even Perez. The problem is, no one is willing to pay for Higuain. Well, lets say clubs are ready to pay somewhere around  NOTHING for his services.   Higuain’s last season was basically a disaster. Did not score many goals, did not get many chances and apart from that, was pretty wasteful with the chances he got when he was put on the field by Jose Mourinho. Here is why I think Real Madrid would be wise to sell him off right now instead of later though I would have though last season was the perfect opportunity for Real Madrid to sell Higuain for more than 20 million … [Read more...]

Sign Isco Only If Regular Playing Time Is Possible

Isco currently plays for Malaga as a attacking midfielder(Photo by Strollers)

Isco or more rarely known as Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez (finally some wikipedia) currently plays for Malaga. He is 21, short and exceptionally fast on the ball. Why am I telling you all this? After all, he is just 21 and has not made huge headlines like Messi or Ronaldo did back in their young days. Well, the answer is simple. He is not another Messi or Ronaldo. teams generally do not want all their players to play like Ronaldo or Messi. You need some good players and some bad players in order to form a good enough team to win you important trophies. Teams playing with superstars in every position tend to lose team chemistry and generally do not live up to their potential. Even if they do, they cannot sustain it. Isco is the type of … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why Kaka Should Not be allowed to Leave

Kaka has not realized his full potential at Real Madrid and if reoprts are to be believed then this might be his golden opportunity(Photo By Jan Solo)

Lets just assume for a minute (or may be more) that Ancelotti does indeed become the next Real Madrid coach (reports in the media are saying that PSG do not really want him to leave and are playing hard ball in this situation) and lets assume another thing, Kaka does not leave Real Madrid. If we can assume those two things without any problem then let me just put forward the notion of Kaka being the new lynchpin of the current Real Madrid squad. I think Kaka has not played the way he wants to play at Real Madrid because of many reasons. One being that there were always too many players in his position who were younger and were more fitter than him. That changes somewhat in the next season are many are poised to leave Real Madrid. Di Maria, … [Read more...]

Did Real Madrid miss out on Neymar?

Is he just good or is he a phenomena?(Photo by bahianoticias)

I have been quite vocal about what I think about Neymar and his decision to join Barcelona. I have also expressed my opinion about how good can he be at his current level and style of play in Europe. At best I think he would emulate Robinho. He would have to be a really quick learner to know the faults in his game and then correct them in a timely manner. That is something which I think he will not be able to do. We have seen too many players of his hype come from Brazil time and time again and while there is no doubt these players are always good and sometimes too good, in the end they are recognized as good players who could have done so much more had the matter between their two ears actually worked. Enjoying myself a bit with FIFA 13 … [Read more...]

Why Real Madrid needs Klopp.

Klopp or Ancelotti? (photo by Asia Kuczek)

  Who is going to lead Real Madrid to its tenth Champions League crown. We know half the answer at the moment. That half answer is that it is not the addition of any player in the whole (at any position) world that is going to get Real Madrid closer to that goal. The other half of the answer is a new coach. Real Madrid needs a coach who can bind these players together and play them in a formation where everyone can give their best. Mourinho came close to it but in the end his dictatorial way of coaching cost him control over his dressing room and when that happens, players usually stop giving their best and the team starts to lose which is exactly what happened with Real Madrid this season. Real Madrid have spent as much as any … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why Bale Would Fit the Bill at Real Madrid

Neymar Out. Gareth Bale In? (photo by Radiohead22)

Neymar would be finalizing his deal with Barcelona today and it is now a 100 percent that he would be playing in La Liga next season along with Messi and Iniesta. Real Madrid is always going to disappoint anyone and everyone who thinks that no superstar would be arriving at Real Madrid in any given summer. The rumor mill has it that Real Madrid are hot on the heals of Gareth Bale (who plays at Tottenahm) especially after Real Madrid received a solid no from Neymar just days earlier despite having offered him the better pay. Gareth Bale is a player that I like for various reasons (number 1 being that he has been the best player of EPL last season which generally means that he is the most effective player in the world not in terms of skills … [Read more...]