Real Madrid’s Benzema is Fake

Benzema's performance has been pretty satisfactory but not something to talk about(Photo by Olmo1981)

When was the last time Benzema won a game for Real Madrid by scoring an important goal?. When was the last time you saw Benzema making a hard tackle on a defender who was trying to be too ambitious with the ball and finally, when was the last time you saw Benzema score a hat trick or win a man of the match award. I can't recall that time whenever it was. … [Read more...]

Real Madrid’s Ancelotti is Dunce.

Has he completely lost it?

"Our first half wasn’t too good but the second half turned out differently," Ancelotti told reporters after the match. "When Real Madrid play well, we can win a match in five minutes." What in the world is wrong with this guy. Every time Real Madrid get lucky and win points, he acts like as if nothing happened. I don't know if he is faking it or is he really that dull witted. How can a sensible coach take that kind of a message from a match which Real Madrid should have lost. … [Read more...]

A Reality Check On Real Madrid’s Bale

Real Madrid's biggest signing is down. Maybe out too.

100 million euros for a 24 year old who has not won any major trophy so far in his career? Yup. That is Gareth Bale and he now plays for Real Madrid. Born in Cardiff and bit of a mama's boy, Gareth Bale at the age of 24 has bought his own house (we can call it a mansion I guess) in Spain. His family would be moving there shortly. The house was previously owned by none other than Kaka and Bale could hardly wait for Kaka's wife to pack up and leave the house before moving in. … [Read more...]

Ronaldo In Ultra Mode,Destroys Copenhagen And Propels Real Madrid To The Top

Ronaldo The Master

Real Madrid won 4-0 agaisnt Copenhagen. Champions League prospects look good so far but I don't know, with Ancelotti anything can happen. To be honest Copenhagen should have got at least 1 goal. In extra time of the second half, Casillas made some remarkable saves but the problem with Real Madrid is always the same as far as goalkeepers are concerned. … [Read more...]