How to buy Real Madrid Tickets Online and Offline

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Here you will find information on how to purchase Real Madrid tickets, the trusted sources, ticket prices and everything about watching Real Madrid in action!

Obtaining Real Madrid Tickets

Getting tickets for Real Madrid matches, especially the crucial ones such as IL Classico (Real Madrid vs Barcelona) Il Derby (Real Madrid vs Atletio Madrid) is quite difficult, because they are often quickly sold out. Additionally, Real Madrid give the priority to its club members, season ticket holders and Carnet Madridista (Those who have the fan card which costs 30 euros per year). The remaining Real Madrid tickets are then sold to the general public at the club itself (Stadium) a week before the game. However, tickets for important matches go sold-out within hours.

If you are still determined to buy Real Madrid tickets from the club (You’ll be lucky if there are any left though), you can call their tickets-services number : (+34) 902-324-324. You will then have to tell them that you need an English-speaking operator, If you don’t speak Spanish . Then you can buy the tickets with you credit card over the phone and later get them at Gate 14 (Taquilla 14) at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium the match day.

Another way to purchase the tickets from the club is to order them online from their official office. You need to read Spanish in order to go through the sale process. After you complete your payments, you can collect your tickets by going to the first floor of the commercial center in the corner of the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, between 11:00 – 20:00, any day except match day.

The advantage of purchasing tickets online

Purchasing tickets online is the best option you have to obtain tickets even for the crucial matches. You book your ticket weeks or days before the match, get it delivered to your place (home or a hotel) and then be guaranteed yourentrance to the game. Not only you get a ticket, you actually get a package which includes a small gift/souvenir, the courier charge to send your tickets to your place of stay and the ticket itself. It is also possible that you can purchase a VIP package for some games that includes hospitality facilities, special seats and a guided tour of the Bernabeu’s sports facilities.

How to purchase Real Madrid tickets online

1. The first thing you do is to choose the match you want to attend. Please note that here in Spain, the day and time of kick-off is only confirmed a week before the game (The Monday prior the matchday). The match days are on Saturdays and Sundays. Therefore, you have to check the confirmed date and time before you choose your game.

2. Secondly, choose the category of seat you prefer. Of course, the prices varies. The first category is certainly the most expensive and the best one in my opinion, otherwise everybody has their won preferences. The stadium is divided into these categories :

Category 1: Low/middle sides
Category 2: High sides
Category 3: Low/middle goals
Category 4: High goals

Category 1 and Category 3 are the closest to the pitch level.

3. After you select the category, order the tickets and pay using a credit card or Paypal. The company will send the tickets to your home address.


The prices certainly vary depending on the category/seat, the match (who they are playing). The club states that the lowest price is 30 euros. For crucial games like against Barcelona, Atletico Madrid or Valencia, the prices can go to 700 euros in maximum.

Buying Tickets from Touts

It’s highly advisable not to buy tickets from touts who you can find them at the entrance of the stadium on match days. Their prices are very high and their tickets are mostly fake. Don’t take a risk and buy tickets from them.Even If you don’t manage to obtain a ticket either online or from the club, watching it in a near bar is much more interesting than getting scammed and ripped off.

The best Agencies/Services who provide Real Madrid Tickets

After you understood everything about obtaining and purchasing Real Madrid tickets, inside out, it’s the time to guide you to the most trusted, reliable and cheapest sources/agencies on the web.

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