Ronaldo on a Roll in More Ways Than One.

Ronaldo two. Messi nil. Hah. (Photo from flickr)

  “As the game went on we adapted better as we figured out what to do...We couldn't put pressure on them at the beginning because they read the match perfectly” - Lionel Messi   After signing a world record contract with Real Madrid just a few days ago Ronaldo is all set to sign another mega contract with Nike as well. Not only that, his performance on the pitch has been as good if not better than his off pitch successes.   Ronaldo scored twice tonight. Real Madrid won the game 4-1 thanks to goals from Isco and Pepe. Real Madrid still trail Barcelona by 2 points but that should not be a problem given that Real Madrid has to beat Barcelona in any case to win La Liga otherwise what is the point in winning. One of the … [Read more...]

Time Has Come For Ronaldo To Step Up

High time for Ronaldo to shine (Photo from flickr)

  Interesting quotes. “It's not important if I am the highest paid player or not: there are more important things in life than money” - Cristiano Ronaldo “The sale of Ozil is bad news for me...He was the player who best knew my moves in front of goal. I'm angry about Ozil leaving” - Cristiano Ronaldo   But anyway. One look at the scoring charts for last 3 or 4 seasons and you would be able to see clearly that Messi has had a lead of about 5-7 goals per season on Ronaldo and he gets into the lead early. Really really early.   Question: Why is that?   Probably because Ronaldo is a slow starter and Messi is the opposite. Well, Ronaldo is remarkably fast at scoring for the rest of the world but not for Messi. In … [Read more...]

What is it With These Two?


“It was important to start with a win, especially playing at home...We know how difficult these Champions League groups always are.” - Lionel Messi This is not the first time (neither the second) that Messi has responded to Ronaldo by scoring at least the same number of goals as Ronaldo, a day after the portuguese. I wonder if Messi keeps a count. I think we all know Ronaldo does. This just seems strange though. It’s not only the number of goals but sometimes also the quality of goals are the same. In fact, once or twice I have even seen them score goals in the same order of quality, from poor to medium to high or from medium to high. Obviously, Messi does not get any response from Ronaldo when he steps up the quality of goals from … [Read more...]

Drogba Takes on Ronaldo


Galatasaray play Real Madrid tonight. Ronaldo and Bale are both in the squad though rumours have it that Bale would not start the match because of fitness issues. Well, if that is indeed the case he gave no indications of it in the Villarreal match just 4 days ago. Drogba has come out and said that he will try his best to destroy Real Madrid along with Bale and Ronaldo. Well, that is not exactly what he said but we can spice it up a bit I think. Infact, you know what, even if he did not say that then I think from behalf of Real Madrid I am telling this to Galatasaray that Real Madrid is going to destroy and demolish them. It won’t he like the previous time where Galatasaray was allowed to score 5 goals against Real Madrid. Though one huge … [Read more...]

Why Is Di Maria Not Safe At Real Madrid?

What does Messi has and he doesn't? Well, obviously a lot of things but that's not the point. Really(Photo by Jan Solo)

There is a difference between Ozil and Di Maria. Obviously both are completely different players but the reason Ozil got shipped to Arsenal and Di Maria was able to stay at Real Madrid is because of a thing called attitude. Di Maria is a hard worker. Always tries to give it his all. On top of that, Di Maria at 25  is reaching the peak of his powers and selling him would be the dumbest move ever by Real Madrid and trust me, there have been many dumb moves made by Real Madrid in the past. You might say Ozil at 24 was also going towards the peak of his powers and should not have been sold but hye, it was his attitude and lack of control exercised by Ancelotti which lead Ozil to Arsenal. So despite Ancelotti's best efforts, Di Maria is still … [Read more...]

Organic Shooting Machine

(Photo by Jan Solo)

Still too early to be talking about statistics for the season but it never really hurts. So I dug a  few statistics about players who like to shoot a lot. Obviously Ronaldo and Bale are two players who come to mind whenever there is  talk about shooting the heck out of the ball. Both are good are scoring long shots and by long shots, I mean really long shots, not just a foot outside the penalty area. Though with that being said, I have to mention the fact that only 1 out of 33 long shots actually result in a goal. That is just crazy. 33 shots? I always thought long shots looked kind of cool and always respected players who tried for more by going for their long shots. Now, it's just the opposite. I mean what a waste of possession when … [Read more...]

Ozil is Stupid

(Photo By Jan Solo)

Some people are complaining about the fact that Real Madrid are just plain dumb to have sold Ozil to Tottenham Arsenal for 50 million. Low is one of those people and Mourinho also has said that Ozil is unique and is the best number 10 in the world. Whether he is the best number 10 in the world or not does not concern me. The hardest thing to do in football is to score a goal, at least that is what Pele thinks. The only reason why Pirlo or Totti have not received the recognition some people think they deserve is exactly because of the fact that they cannot score goals. See, scoring goals is not as simple as it looks. Even the sitters are not really sitters. They are sitters just for the commentators. Sure, making critical killer … [Read more...]