A Reality Check On Real Madrid’s Bale

Real Madrid's biggest signing is down. Maybe out too.

100 million euros for a 24 year old who has not won any major trophy so far in his career? Yup. That is Gareth Bale and he now plays for Real Madrid. Born in Cardiff and bit of a mama's boy, Gareth Bale at the age of 24 has bought his own house (we can call it a mansion I guess) in Spain. His family would be moving there shortly. The house was previously owned by none other than Kaka and Bale could hardly wait for Kaka's wife to pack up and leave the house before moving in. … [Read more...]

Ronaldo In Ultra Mode,Destroys Copenhagen And Propels Real Madrid To The Top

Ronaldo The Master

Real Madrid won 4-0 agaisnt Copenhagen. Champions League prospects look good so far but I don't know, with Ancelotti anything can happen. To be honest Copenhagen should have got at least 1 goal. In extra time of the second half, Casillas made some remarkable saves but the problem with Real Madrid is always the same as far as goalkeepers are concerned. … [Read more...]

Here Comes The Dinner

Is he ready to take all responsibility? I hope he does.

  Ancelotti just had dinner with Perez and other Real Madrid hierarchy. The dinner was held basically to show 'support' for the new coach. Ancelotti lost a home game to city rivals Atletico Madrid 0-1. He lost. He not only lost, he lost by conceding a single goal. His side did not score any goal which is always bad at Real Madrid regardless of whether you win or not. Ancelotti is in a bit of a problem right now. Usually when the president of Real Madrid starts giving you dinners and shows 'support' through media interviews, that means  your time is running out. Capello, Ronaldo, Raul, Mourinho and probably a few hundred more people would attest to that. Ancelotti has to win the 'all important' champions league game … [Read more...]

The Tough Gets Going. Or Do They?

Does he have any idea what he is doing?(Photo by PSG World)

  May be people (or just me)are being too harsh with Ancelotti. It’s not his fault entirely. I mean, 95 percent of the fault is his own. His fat physique. His laid back style and the dull, tedious, and repetitious way with which all his teams have played ever since he began his coaching career. … [Read more...]

Mourinho anyone?

No need to think too hard about this guy. Basically. Fundamentally, this guy sucks (Photo by c1915r1)

Real Madrid lost against Atletico Madrid 0-1. At home. Before the match some of the Atletico Madrid fans were taunting Real Madrid fans by calling Real Madrid team a block of rich kids. Well, rich kids got beat, bad, by boys from the back alley. Horrendous might be the word to describe how Real Madrid played against Atletico Madrid. Why? I don't think it was because Real Madrid did not have enough good players or because individual players lacked form. I think it was something more basic and something more integral. The coach. Everybody knows my hatred for Ancelotti. He is old and his methods are probably the ones he learnt from his grandfather. Secondly, I don't know how a manager can make players like Ronaldo, Di Maria, Benzema, … [Read more...]