Neymar Goal Vs Bale Goal



53 million euros or 91 million euros (I am using Spanish Press information here)?

If you’re like me you would think that a player (e.g Gareth Bale) who proves himself as a player who can change the game without assistance and not only that, he can do that at the Champions League level as well as the BPL level, then that player should be worth more (perhaps a lot more) than a player who has never played in a elite league(e.g Neymar)and has not played a single Champions League match let alone perform in one.

Obviously Neymar has adjusted better than Bale and has been more productive. Barcelona have those kind of players who make other players feel and play better. Who would not want to play alongside Messi, Xavi and Iniesta. They make things easy for you. At Real Madrid you only have Xabi Alonso who delivers you 40 yard cross balls to first control and then run at the defense with little support.

Anyway, have a look at the quality of the goals scored by both the players and you would come to know why Bale cost so much.

Gareth Bale’s Goal

Now that’s a goal. Against Juventus, in Champions League away from home. He beat the best goalkeeper (i.e Buffon) of this generation. Now you know why Real Madrid paid the big bucks for him. He can score Messi like goals. He gave Real Madrid the lead with that goal unlike some other players (may be Messi) who mostly score their best goals when their team is in an unimportant match or the scoreline is around 4-0.

Neymar’s Goal

Have to give him credit for trying from there. Luck favors the brave but Neymar’s goal was as crappy as it gets. 2 points for scoring in a Clasico though. With that said, it cannot be ruled that Neymar was just so nervous in the situation that he decided to have a go at goal with little regard to the situation or the angle of the shot.

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  1. Max says

    Borris …. Give us a break
    You sound very desperate trying to compare 1 goal as the reason Fale is better than Neymar.
    You obviously are desparetly trying to force yourself to believe this.
    Good Luck ….
    Bale just does not compare to Neymar …. It’s blatantly obvious and the world is seeing it.
    Take off your Blinkers and enjoy the Neymar Show.

    Btw … Neymar’s goal was better AND much more important.

    • Madridista93 says

      If you call Borris blind, then you are blind too.
      I can admit that Neymars goal is more beautiful, just because it’s a goal in the clasico, which is more important and gives the fans more joy than a 2-1 goal vs Juventus.
      But can you tell me, which goal did need more skills Bales goal or Neymars which touched 1-2 players to get in the back of the net?

      Take off your Blinkers and enjoy the Bale show, Max.
      Bale: 4goals & 6 assists in 10 games.
      Neymar: 4goals & 8 assists in 16 games.

      BTW: Bale is making Ronaldo just better, by giving him less attention from defenders. Neymar, we shouldn’t start talking about how he is helping Messi. Messi is right now light years behind Ronaldo in goal scoring and in form.