Ozil is Stupid

(Photo By Jan Solo)
(Photo By Jan Solo)

Some people are complaining about the fact that Real Madrid are just plain dumb to have sold Ozil to Tottenham Arsenal for 50 million. Low is one of those people and Mourinho also has said that Ozil is unique and is the best number 10 in the world.

Whether he is the best number 10 in the world or not does not concern me. The hardest thing to do in football is to score a goal, at least that is what Pele thinks. The only reason why Pirlo or Totti have not received the recognition some people think they deserve is exactly because of the fact that they cannot score goals.

See, scoring goals is not as simple as it looks. Even the sitters are not really sitters. They are sitters just for the commentators. Sure, making critical killer through passes to setup other players to score goals is not easy either, a trait Ozil has mastered it seems.

But you can make those passes (some call them key passes) all you want. If the other guy does not know how to score a goal or keeps on squandering chances, then those key passes are worth a grand total of zero. That’s right, zero.

That is why I think, for what Ozil was worth, he got what he deserved. The reason Arsenal have been unable to win a major trophy, or any trophy I guess, for 8 or 9 years is because they do not really have players who know how to score. They had and probably have players who can make those ‘key passes’ such as Carzola and now Ozil (Fabregas in the past)but what they don’t have, are players who can do something about those key passes. Clear indication of that can be seen in Arsenal’s sudden decline from title contenders when they sold Henry. Fabregas’s sale did not impact Arsenal to that extent.

Ronaldo and Messi along with a plethora of other great players will go down in history because they  score good goals, not because they could make  ‘key passes’.

So Ozil is stupid for thinking that he is on par with players such as Ronaldo, Messi or even Van Persie just because he can make 20 odd ‘key passes’ in a season and that is precisely why Real Madrid sold him for Bale.

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  1. says

    there is no any stupid rather than zidane to allow that old man ancelloti to sellin ozil to arsenal while he know every things in real madrid.did u think isco is better than ozil??

  2. pero says

    Ohhh… how it is always obvious when a guy is 16 years old…

    I will not say this was a waste of my time, but what i will say, to pass on some experience… Is first watch at least around 10 seasons worth of football, then when you think you know it all, go watch some more…

  3. says

    If Özil’s assists (or key passes in your article) are not that important, let’s see how many goals Real Madrid score in the next season (and beyond) without his creativity at your disposal.

    Comparatively, let’s compare Arsenal’s goal tally at the end of the season.

  4. muttley says

    What a complete and utter train crash of an article!

    Not even worth going through the points and replying as it’s so obviously bad and flawed.


  5. KV says

    You are a clown. You don’t have a clue what you are talking about. I’ve never heard anyone sound so deluded or bitter. Pathetic.

  6. Kev says

    I think Real Madrid are stupid for being £500 million in debt and then spending another £85 million on Bale. That’s really stupid.

  7. Reader of this stupid article says

    Totti cannot score goals? What the hell are you talking about? 227 goals. And the blabbering of how goalscorers are the only important ones? What have you been smoking there mate? This is a piece of **** article, and i sincerely hope that you can sit down and watch some football, because you apparently have not done that. Ever

  8. ninja toenail says

    im usually one for free speech but some peoples views are dumb enough that they should be censored, you sound like you havent watched Arsenal play since Henry left, anyone who knows anything about Arsenal would know that our major problem over the last half decade or so has been our inability to defend, added to that since fabregas left there have been times when we’ve been unable to find that killer pass when teams have parked the bus, but even then it would still be rare for us to draw blank. While the priority should have been a defensive mid, our team defending recently has been such that we could go out and replace fabregas, neither wilshire or carzola’s final ball is consistant enough. Ozil didnt want to leave, Real forced him out the door, there loss, Arsenal’s gain!

  9. Paul b says

    You’re in debt, you needed the tax payer’s money to buy monkey Bale, RM should be investigated, how can a club that is so heavily in debt be allowed to buy a player like Bale, the FFP is a joke and so is UEFA,,RM stands for everything that is wrong with football corrupt and deemed untouchable

  10. Garrett Gaspard says

    Does not one person on this Forum even Realize the person who wrote this article is a Professional Tennis Star! But loves soccer must not no sports that much, But mr Becker you were good at tennis just stick with that save the Football for real Knowledgable people!

  11. says

    But you can make those passes (some call them key passes) all you want. If the other guy does not know how to score a goal or keeps on squandering chances, then those key passes are worth a grand total of zero. That’s right, zero.

    But if you dont make this passes, then other guy may be as great as it gets, if he doesnt get the passes, he cannot score. Right, mr Einstein? Or you think Ronaldo would score 50 goals without those assists?

  12. says

    But you can make those passes (some call them key passes) all you want. If the other guy does not know how to score a goal or keeps on squandering chances, then those key passes are worth a grand total of zero. That’s right, zero.

    But if you dont make this passes, then other guy may be as great as it gets, if he doesnt get the passes, he cannot score. Right, mr Einstein? Or you think Ronaldo would score 50 goals without those assists?

  13. sinatra says

    Arsenal fans need to chill,ozil is a good player but not worth the money. he racked up all those assist because of the quality they have in madrid
    Tell us what he would add to your squad that you don’t have???creating the chances you tend to do with ease
    Imo carzola is better than him,

  14. lurky says

    If RvP was the “guy who can’t score any sitters” than the author of the article clearly did not watch football in the last 10 years. No offence, but stop writing nonsense.

  15. Pete says

    This is the most ridiculous article i’ve ever read. Ozil is a central midfield. Ronaldo and messi are wingers/strikers. As Ronaldo will found out and is upset about already is that he won’t score as many goals without Ozil. Footb all is a team game. Whoever wrote this article probably has an IQ of about 5.

  16. Cynicake says

    Would anyone like to join me in a facepalm? This article is so bad that one facepalm won’t do it justice, we need a synchronised facepalm.

  17. says

    Mate u are talking out your arse. Van persie played for arsenal and at that point we didn't have good enough creators. A key pass is a much more demanding manouver than a goal. Mainly because the area that the ball must fall into at the ideal point in time to match the runner is much more precise than the size of the goal.

  18. Paul says

    You sound like you’ve swallowed a bitter pill. You talk nonsense. I wonder if you are actually a supporter of Madrid?

  19. Simple_footie says

    I never knew Madrid fans are so stupid.. so judging by that article even Zidane ( who is greatest of all time for me ) is also not that good ?!!

  20. PETE says

    Real (Madrid ) your neck in mate . You leave it that far out it’s gonna come back a smack you straight in the mush . If you don’t understand what I’m saying ask a Londoner or better still ask a gooner . Ill reserve judgement to the end of the season , what’s bale done? His goals didnt find the spuds in the CL place . I think 100 million euros is gonna come back and haunt your team

  21. Nathan says

    Feel free to go ahead and explain the likes of Xavi, Iniesta, Ribery and hell, even Zidane. Cheers.


    Trash article.

    • thegoon says

      thanks mate , was about to ask the same question myself. Ozil seems to be a extremely very humble guy that idiots like the “stupidly” die hard so call madrid writer is putting words in his mouth. One thing is for sure, Ozil will improve under wenger and He actually said he is honoured to be at arsenal whereas alot of idiots would have said “i’ve come here to show you how to win trophies blah blah “. it takes huimility to say those words upon joining a club that has been 8 years trophyless. He is Europes no.10 yet he acknowledges he needs to improve and He believes Wenger will help him do that. personally, i feel he will be scoring goals and contending for world player of the year. His attitude alone will move him leaps and bounds ahead. wenger has made ordinary players world class. some moved before their time when they reached the level that ozil is at right now cos they thought they had arrived…nasri, cesc, song, flamini,hleb and may i add RVP. Given more time all of them would have become better players under wenger

  22. ARD88 says

    The fact that this site is called ‘madridgalaticos’ says it all to be honest – nothing but sour grapes for me. Ozil has been amazingly consistent at Real, and best person to vouch for that is C.Ronaldo himself. You make a daft comment stating ’20 key passes’ yet haven’t looked up the official statistics backing his performances. In 2010-2011 he scored 10 goals and assisted 25, in 2011-2012 he scored 6 goals and assisted 24 and in 2012-2013 he scored 10 goals and assisted 19. He has been compared to the likes of Iniesta when it comes to assisting and overall dictating of play, yet he is only 24. If you call that stupid, you my friend are one deluded footballing fan.

  23. wondrinfree says

    dude, it is a team game with everyone having their own role to play. Perhaps you are just hurting from losing a player of Ozil’s quality, or perhaps you would prefer a team full of strike
    rs – good luck with that. Perhaps we should judge Ozil on the quality of what he does – just as everyone is judging you on writing such a stupid and ill-considered article.

  24. Progman07 says

    Maybe it is you who is stupid. First you mention that Arsenal haven’t had a striker who knows how to score goals, then mention van Persie (the striker Arsenal actially had from 2005 to 2012) as someone who is world class.

    It wasn’t the goals scored that were too few, it was usually the goals conceded. Also, what about Zidane? You really are stupid as hell.

  25. comfi says

    I think you are stupid. Football is a team game. Ozil is the best in the position that he plays. The fact that he doesnt score lots of goals doesnt make him any less important.

  26. Stuart says

    What a load of Tosh! Clearly your knowledge if football is very limited, not to mention the various inaccuracies in th piece.

  27. JD says

    I think you’ll end up eating those words, Ozil is a far better player than Bale. You’ve bought a player who is not as talented as the one you sold, and you paid twice the amount for him. Craziness.

  28. Tefera Eshetu says

    You need to attend basics of football from the scratch. What a shame that people like you think football the way it is played in Madrid. Football is more than goals. Those people in the stadium deserve to see attractive football besides goals. That is where you need a player of Ozil,s quality.we don’t need to see long range balls and ugly runnings in Madrid team but unfortunately we are destined to do so.

  29. nakedgoon says

    he didn’t sign for Spurs,Arsenal didn’t have a player who could score goals? so why did Madrid sign Adebayor and Man Utd sign van Persie who you mention in the final paragraph, even Henry only left in 2007.
    If you are a Spanish fan you must at least be able to spell CAZORLA properly. You will soon see a reduction in the goals scored by Ronaldo this season amigo

  30. DAF says

    Without someone to make the key passes, the goals cannot be scored. It’s called a team. Arsenal were among the top scorers in the EPL last season. Goal scoring has not actually been a problem.

  31. GoonerMAC says

    Substitute “deluded” for “die hard” in your header.

    The vast majority of pundits have said that the capture of Oezil by Arsenal is a fantastic bit of business.

    I think you also miss the point as to what he brings to us. Apart from he’s a world class player & the quality he brings to the team. Apart from the technical improvement the players will get from training with him day in day out. Apart from his incredible creativity & ability to lay on a goal he brings the club, it’s players and fans belief that we can become title contenders again. His signing sends out a clear message that we are a big team on the up and other top players will want to join Arsenal.

    He gives us another creative dimension which teams will struggle to contain.

    Yes we could do with another striker because we’re light in that department but we scored more goals last year than the year before (when we had van Persie) so I’m not sure it’s all that desperate.

    Trying to infer that Oezil “isn’t all that” and that you won’t miss him & that he won’t make much difference to Arsenal is what’s stupid. On top of that to suggest Bale is a good replacement or even, as you imply, a step up is laughable to say the least.

    Bale is a decent player but he’ s not £85 millions worth and he’s certainly not Mesut Oezil quality. They are the same age but Bale is orders of magnitude behind.

    Madrid have been mugged by Tottenham. Of the three clubs mentioned Arsenal are definitely the ones that have got the best outcome & have been strengthened. Madrid & Spurs are, without question, left weakened.


  32. aaron says

    What a stupid article. Arsenal are consistently among the top 2-3 scoring teams in the premier league. The club’s failure to win any silverware for the past few years is more down to bad team defending; an issue they seem to have sorted last season with the second best defence and the best away defence in the league. Lazy journalism on your part