Real Madrid and this weekends importance

Real Madrid are 7 points clear of Barcelona at the top of La Liga as things stand. Real Madrid have got an important match coming up this weekend, as Real Madrid will be playing at home and Barcelona will be playing away from home. Barcelona have been dropping lots of points away from home this season and to be honest, I am not surprised at all as I always had the belief that Barcelona had some unfair advantages whenever they played at home and even sometimes away from home.

Messi is not the Messi we know when he plays away from home. Most of his so called super goals are always scored and made in Camp Nou where he can use his extra ordinary speed ( incidentally his only trait apart from being extremely cool headed in the biggest of games unlike Cristiano Ronaldo).

Barcelona will obviously drop more points as we move into the thick of the season as their lean squad feels the heat of having to play 2 matches per week most of the times. Barcelona are in the finals of Copa Del Ray after they deservingly beat Real Madrid in the Quarterfinalsby4goalsto3.

RealMadridperformedequaltoBarcelona in the two legged tie but failed to capitalize on their chances and hence did not manage to punish Barcelona where they deserved to be punished. Ronaldo performed well, albeit after a long time, against Barcelona and hence proved his critics wrong for the time being at least .

Real Madrid are out of Copa Del Ray courtesy of Barcelona and if any one of my informers are right then there is a huge chance that Barcelona will meet Real Madrid in thequarterfinalsoftheChampionsLeagueaswell.Itseemstomethatwhateverhappensinworldfootball,RealMadridhasgottobeatBarcelonatowinany

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  1. Crl Santos says

    I don’t understand getting rid of Mo when Madrid did better last season then it had in years and are still doing well in the present season. They are ahead in points in La Liga and are heading to Russia for Champions League. The whole Copa thing cracks me up, first when Madrid took it last season it suddenly held no real significants because it wasn’t La Liga or UEFA, but, now oh my how wonderful that Barca are heading to the final for the Copa Del Rey. Madrid have done significantly better the last two years but, still they want to get rid if Mo. Give the team and its manager time and they will take it all. They have proven that it is starting to work and are still more than capable of taking Barca in both La Liga and UEFA. Whistling and jeering is pathetic if you ask me, especially when there has been much better results for Madrid. They WILL take Barca and the 2nd leg of the Copa proved that. If Sergio’s goal had not been disallowed they would have gone through and that’s after being down 2-0 at the Barca camp which that alone proves Madrid are knocking down mental walls because I feel it’s only a mental advantage Barca have on Madrid or better put a mental advantage Barca once had but, I feel no longer have on Madrid.