No.No.No, Don’t Let Kaka Leave

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Real Madrid's Kaka

Ricardo Kaka wants to stay at Real Madrid (Photo By Jan Solo)

This is just amazing isn’t it. A world class player like Kaka wants to stay at Real Madrid but Jose Mourinho (Real Madrid coach) does not want him, if reports are to be believed. Real Madrid want to get rid of Kaka but Kaka has insisted time and time again that he wants to stay at Real Madrid and repay the huge transfer fee Real Madrid paid for him 2 years ago.

Right now, Inter are offering about 30 million for Kaka which is just insane as Real Madrid bought Kaka from AC Milan for 70 million euros just two years ago.

There is no question that Kaka has not been able to perform well for Real Madrid for the past two seasons because of injury andstuff.Hehasbeen disappointing for the most part. Now, reports says that Real Madrid have made the sale of Kaka top priority this summer as Jose Mourinho does not want him.

I don’t get it. Kaka is a big match player. Oezil sucks against big physical teams. Kaka does not suck. He manhandled Manchester United at Old Trafford all on his own. So I think, Jose Mourinho should put a bit more trust in the


  1. Gigs1911 says

    no please don’t sell kaka’! he’s one of the best playmaker around the globe! can make xavi and iniesta run for their money but becoz of these injuries¬† he’s not able to do it so atleast give him a fair chance

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