Making Sense of Coentrao Move

Future Real Madrid left back Fabio Coentrao
Do we really need him (Photo by branquinholxpt)

Why are Real Madrid so obsessed with signing a left back this season? Well, football used to be a game of having a best 11 but now a days because of teams like Barcelona, clubs need to have depth in their squad. Is this what Real Madrid’s manager Jose Mourinho is trying to achieve with the signing of Coentrao?

It could be. Real Madrid has Marcelo who is fast becoming one of the best left backs in the world under Jose Mourinho. Coentrao was a total reject some time back. He was not even wanted by Real Zaragoza. Well, how times change. Coentrao improved his game a lot and fast became one of the best left backs in the world.

Same was the case with Marcelo. Inside 12 months, Marcelo went from being a fringe player at Real Madrid to one of the best left backs in the world, he is the third captain of the team, has formed a magnificent partnership with Ronaldo on the left wing and improved his defensive skills a lot. He became much more considerable while attacking as well.

Most of Real Madrid fans do not want Real Madrid to sign another left back including myself (atleast a couple of days ago). But Mourinho is a no nonsense kind of a coach when it comes to summer transfer targets. Some people say it is because Mourinho, Ronaldo and Coentrao have the same agent and that is why Mourinho wants to sign Coentrao.

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This fact can be disregarded because we all know very well how strict Mourinho is about keeping his interest on the field and off the field very very distant relative to each other. Point is, Mourinho wants coentrao and it is not because of his relationships with Jorge Mendes (their common agent).

Even though Mourinho has said that Arbeloa impressed him the most in this current Real Madrid squad, game time shows that Marcelo actually was in the good books of Jose Mourinho. Mourinho rarely used Arbeloa throughout the course of the season and the signing of Coentrao, means more competition for Marcelo.

Marcelo made left back position at Real Madrid his own after the arrival of Jose Mourinho. Don’t know what Mourinho did with Marcelo but Marcelo seems to have been waiting for Mourinho to arriveat RealMadrid for him to showcase his true talents.

But despite the fact that Marcelo has performed really well for Real Madrid this last season, doubts remain in the mind of Mourinho and many of Real Madrid fans in the defensive skills of Marcelo which do become quite questionable in the big games. Especially his sense of position when defending against good attackers is really not up there with the best of the world.

If Real Madrid want to break Barcelona’s dominance in Europe and in La Liga, then Real Madrid have to win games against big teams when it counts. One thing is clear, with or without Marcelo, Real Madrid will be able to beat any team in Europe. We can beat Barcelona too but for that to happen we need good defenders who can stay focused on their defensive duties throughout the 90 minutes. A second here and there can make all the difference when it comes to playing teams like Barcelona who pass the ball like hell.

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Mourinho has put a lot of faith in Portuguese players since moving to Real Madrid and though he has barely coached in Portugal for the last half a decade or so, he knows their football ratherwell.Betterthanmostactually.JoseMourinho

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  1. Price RAUL says

    Di Maria……….Higuain……..Ronaldo

  2. Sfafaererg says

    ¡Congratulations! This is a very good analysis of the situation I have to say. And I think too that signing Coentrao would be good but not really necessary considering Marcelo’s development during the last season (in which he has been one of the most important players of the team). It might be possible, considering that Marcelo still has to improve his defensive skills, that Mourinho might want him to play nore in the middlefield or as a wing, as he has shown that his attacking skills are superb; signing Coentrao would give Mourinho the possibility to leave Coentrao as a left back and make Marcelo play in a more offensive position. As for this offensive position there already are some other players (let’s say Di María) Marcelo might not play all the matches, but it would help to have more possibilities in the making-up of the 11-player-team.

  3. Even says

    The remaining summer transfer for Madrid will highly intriguing and suprising…caravalho is getting older and is bound to get injured letting Ramos play as CD. the question is when we have full fit squad..who will be benched….does someone has news about aguero and pastore…the president said Madrid are in advanced negotiations for pastore…and the Spanish media says aguero will most probably sign for Madrid….kaka, higuain, Benz staying….and only 11 spots available ….it’s crazy