Real Madrid’s Benzema Backs Up Khedira

Real Madrid's striker Karim Benzema
Benzema is also clear about Barcelona's real level (photo by Jan Solo)

There is a reason why I wrote ” Real Madrid’s Benzema” in the heading and not just “Karim Benzema”. That reason is to let everyone know that Benzema is not going anywhere this summer. He has a future and that future is with Real Madrid where he will hopefully develop into one of the top strikers of European football.

Manchester United and Arsenal are being named are prime pursuers of the Real Madrid striker’s signature even though Benzema himself has said time and time again that he does not plan on leaving Real Madrid. At least not this summer.

Benzema also hasno doubts(like his teammate Khedira) that Real Madrid are not that behind Barcelona. In fact as I have repeated countless times, a little luck on Real Madrid’s side would have certainly pushed Real Madrid to the point of doing a treble this season.

Benzema also reminded us all of the fact that Real Madrid beat Barcelona in a cup final, something which has never been

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  1. Sandutzu says

    he’s a very god striker and i guess our future first team central forward and he still has the age advantage to become one of the greatest strikers of la liga and i admire he’s attitude… and borris keep up the great work

  2. Zizou says

    Benzema is at Real Madrid for many years to come. And remember it was none other than the master himself (great Zizou) who recommended Benz to Perez. And Jose has no doubt idenitifed the talent in him.
    At times I get a feeling Jose has more faith in Benzema than Higuain. I think he is quite right in that too, given that Benzema is a better team player than Higuain. Only if Benzema can work more on his shooting abilties.

    And to know that Jose and Zidane have their thoughts and visions converging is a great sign for the club.