3 Reasons Why Messi Is Not The Best Player In The World

Messi of Barcelona
Messi is not perfect(Photo by n Macca)

Barcelona have won the Champions League and the La Liga title as well. Got into the finals of Copa Del Ray as well and had it not been for the efforts of Real Madrid, Barcelona would have had yet another treble and yet another trophy under the guidance of Per Guardiola.

Many people are now hailing Messi as the best ever player. Well, he is not the best ever. He is not even the current best I think. He may be the best dribbler in the world. He is certainly the quickest player in the world but to say that he is the best player in the world is I think a bit debatable.

There are many reasons for that. 3 of them are:

  • Ronaldo is way more all rounded player than Messi. Messi cannot head the ball. Cannot take free kicks as well as Ronaldo and does not have brute pace. Hence, in a very restricted system of football, is Messi made to appear better than Ronaldo.
  • Messi’s 53 goals are in no way equal to Ronaldo’s 54 (or 53 if you like) goals this season. Firstly, because most of the goals Ronaldo scored, were hard goals. Even though he had some good amount of tap ins, he had to a lot of running or work before the goal to get the goal. Ronaldo does not have the privileges that Messi has at Barcelona. Barcelona play an attacking style of play. People are moving all the time and creating space for Messi to take advantage of. The people who are moving are not just people, they are people like Xavi, Iniesta and Pedro. World class players. While at Real Madrid, Ronaldo is pretty much on its own. Even in Manchester United he was pretty much on his own. The team depended on him. At Real Madrid Ronaldo has to play upfront alone most of the time because of Mourinho’s style of play. Ronaldo has not got the luxuryofthat much free space because Real Madrid have people like Khedira, Maria and Oezil instead of Xavi, Iniesta and Pedro. Real Madrid players are not gelled enough yet.
  • Messi has only performed in one league and for one club. For a side that has a world class player at every position you can think of. Ronaldo has scored goals in two of the toughest leagues in the world. He not only has scored goals, he has scored lots of goals, lots of solo goals and while Messi’s goals might look like solo goals, they are not actually solo goals, because his teammates work a lot off the ball to give Messi that kind of space where he can get 1 vs 1 against opponent’s defenders.

These were just some of the reasons why Ronaldo is more of a utility player than Messi. Messi has only proved himself at Barcelona and not even Barcelona, he has proved himself with Barcelona’s greatest club side ever. For me, he has to leave

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  1. Guest says

    Messi is the best by far.. And the top players at the moment admit it.. Rooney that was CR teammate admitted that Messi is the best.. Zlatan admitted it.. Even Marcelo thats from RM.. And not to mention the football legends that are still alive including Pele.. Pele said that Neymar is better.. But he still considered Messi better than CR. Even you guys know it you just cant accept that fact.

  2. Napoleon says

    messi is more successful than CR,messi has won U20 youth championship (2005), olympics (2008), not to talk of barcelona… What has CR won for his country?

  3. Rockifela says

     Correction man, Pele played in Brazil and USA and he performed both at the club and national level, winning 3 world cups. Note the bone of contention here Messi is there with the football greats, but he can’t be the GOAT yet cause there is still a lot for him to do.

  4. John says

    why has messi not dribbled past 5 or 6 players for argentina. Jesus Christ. Those are the kind of arguments that you choose? He is the best player in the world. Much better dribbler then cr ronaldo and  better technically. Ronaldo may have physical advavantages over him, but the technical ones are on messi’s side.

  5. Babatundefrank74 says

    leave messi alone football is a team work not individual the team he played was build nd he is doing is job not all players of barcelona can do what messi is doing with the ball so why are u just been jealours can u all appriciate him may u will when is no longer arround,he won three times best then what do u want have won any thing in ur entire life,say what ur problem is,nd leave him alone ,best messi thanks bro keep it up the lord is ur strenght.

  6. Jobisto says

    guys stop dat 2 your self cuz m sure evry 1 know the truth L.Messi is best player in the world nd thats a fact 

  7. Hasnaingulzar says

    Before any one say anything you have to admit that CRonaldo deserved the ballon d’or more then messi last season

  8. Linda_selena says

    i think than messi is the best player in the world i’m not amerocan but i’m from kosovo and i’d like to say for all of you because messi we see in kosovo 

  9. Fath Er says

    A fan of Santos once said Nyemar and C ronaldo  is far better than Messi, two days after the argument  thats during the Club world cup final Match, then Nyemar was question about who was his role model in soccer, then he answered Messi , lolllz how fun

  10. Lediaz1989 says

    So what ur saying is that all the players in madrid are horrible except for ronaldo and that he does everything that is a bunch of BS he has players like xabi alonso ozil kaka benzema and higuain tha assist him and many of his goals were penalties and ur saying those are hard goles to score get real bro and another point i would like to make is that the real xavi has never played anywhere else other than Barcelona and hes the midfield player possibly of all time

  11. harry says

    i believe ronaldo take he`s responsibilities as a pro more seriously than messi. he is on a strict diet and obviously train intensely to regain the status as the worlds best footballer. ronaldo are a good footballer, and versus most clubs, the effectiveness he produce cannot be questioned. but the problem is, this effectiveness is him mass producing he`s limited talent over and over again to perfection.
    although somewhat more lazy in he`s approach as a pro. messi have a da vinci footballing head on he`s shoulders with vision and creativity that ronaldo can never hope to match. messi are a genious. ronaldo are a great pro footballer

  12. Serranocristian15 says

    U are insane if u believe Ronaldo is better then messi .. And the solo goals did u see messi take on the hole bêtis team and score

  13. Barcaforlife says

    I think you should watch the goal Messi scored against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu in the champions league last year. And then talk. 

  14. ?uo? u??s says

    messi owned ronaldo in heading, i have a video, he jumped and was higher than ronaldo. 2, messis runs no one can do, ronaldo? barely go past 1 defender without his 1000 rings around the ball. free kicks? lol he misses 90 percent, speed? they pretty much the same ronaldo a lil faster. messi is clearly better. can ronaldo do the goal of the century?

  15. Just A Kid says

    Messi clearly deserves to be viewed as the best player, and its because he is. He is at a young age and is the best player in the world right now just look at how many goals he’s scored each season and how many golden boot awards he received. Anyone put up to the challenge to become best player against Messi…….. Will Lose

  16. justa kid says

    Messi clearly deserves to be the best player in the world and he is. He is at a young age and is an amazing player way better that anyone you’d put to the challenge up against him.

  17. Jrcji says

    so according to your rant and yes I said rant pele would be automatically ruled out as a legend because he only played for santos and what has ronaldo done for portugal

  18. Thatdudeprince says

    It seems like Valdes is better than Casillas on stats but people argue! It´s seems like Messi is better than Ronaldo but peeps still argue! Guardiola better than Maurinho, still an argument! Barca better than Madrid and all this is on black and white but the Great White Madrid stiiiiill argues! Is it me or does Real have a hard time admitting defeat? Or is barring a name like Los Galacticos hard to live up to, since in the last few years Madrid have had their ass handed to ´em home and away? I think Real fans have to learn to count literally because it seems they can´t read the score board. 
    Real should be the best in the world after spending billions buying players of all calibres in attempt to win everything but so far it´s been 1 cup in what, 4-5-6 years? admit defeat and maybe u casn win a game or 2! 

  19. Terry says

    For people who keep on saying how messi benefits more than CR7 thanks to barca’s attacking play, think again.  RM have scored more goals than barcelona for the past few seasons.

  20. Signinpune says

    “while Messi’s goals might look like solo goals, they are not actually solo goals, because his teammates work a lot off the ball to give Messi that kind of space where he can get 1 vs 1 against opponent’s defenders.”

    This is stupidest thing in the article. Borris Becker(author) wrote this stupid thing on May 29, ie after Champion league classico…

  21. Alexmallinson says

    Every player on the Barcelona starting 11 plays like Messi, with their dribbling skills and passing, so it just fits together. Argentina’s players are good but not as good as Xavi, Iniesta, Villa, Pedro, Sanchez and the rest of them. For Messi to be a legend he has to perform for Argentina as Maradona did, or how Zidane did. Messi is a great team player but can’t control a match on his own like the real legends of football. He’s still a lot better than anyone else in the world right now though.

    • Thatdudeprince says

      Messi IS the greatest! If Messi played in the same era as Maradona I think Messi would be better becuz football is harder now than it was when Maradona was the best. The way players play now you can´t compare it to back then. It´s just a better game now and in ten years there will be another player doing the same thing is his era so for now, Messi IS The Greatest!

  22. nobody says

    you know why cr7 left man u? he left to get revenge on messi after his loss against them in the finals of the uefa champions league in 2009 i believe and up to this day he is still losing against not only messi but the entire team. and u talk about cr7 skills . messi got past him many times but the only time cr7 got past messi is when they had a counter attack and messi was on the floor

  23. Danny says

    You suck messi is the best why aren’t any of ronaldo’s ” HARD GOALS ” on the FIFA best goal awards explain that stupid


    ronaldo can only freestyle and Messi can do that too. ronaldo is just a tool and should go back to being a matador. Messi is the BEST current player. And when he does retire he’ll be a legend. as of ronaldo, yes he’ll probably go down for a legend  but he won’t have much to show for like Messi. He can dribble through anyone and still come out with the ball. he has made goals heading the ball, which is harder for him because he is not as tall as ronaldo. you should have named this article something else like,”why i THINK ronaldo is better than Messi” not “3 reasons why Messi is not the best player in the world.” the other title would have just told me that this it bullsh*t and not to was y time with it. to me, it seems like more people actually understand soccer enough to see that Messi is better. you might want to revise your wording. real madrid can’t compete with Barca

  25. harold says

    yeah ronaldo done well with portugal at teh world cup didnt he…scoring what? the 6th goal and a lucky goal at that against a terrible team. 

  26. Bashster says

    This is funny. lMAO , Messi is a big game player, there is no team on this planet that he cannot score against. he does not have to leave Barca to prove anything. Argentine coaches are jokers, to much talent for the crap they do, give any top coach that squad and they will be a force, cant blame messi for that. if he did not poduce for argentina he would not have been awarded man of the match on so many occasions playing for the national side.     

    • Lex says

      That’s the point. Messi can’t decide the match while Zidane, Cruijff, Maradona, Pele and the real great don’t need the system they make it and that’s the trouble with Messi. Maradona made by himself Napoli a great team.

  27. vegas says

    how is ronaldo more complete?….ur defination of complete is well incomplete…..messi passes better and makes better plays..infact messi can be a world class midfielder as well….in simple words…he can be zidane and pele at the same time…ronaldo cannot

  28. Shankhadip says

    Hello,Messi is the best player ever,I can contradict each of your points with valid arguments,when you criticised Messi’s runs and solo goals you made yourself look really hateful and illogical to put it mildly.Enjoy Messi’s talent he is once in a lifetime player,respect him.If you think Messi doesn’t score solo goals for Argentina look at his recent run against Nigeria,when Di Maria just pushed the ball into an empty net,in Barcelona Messi plays as the main centre forward,while for Argentina he is the playmaker.

  29. FootballFan says

     Dude you don’t even know your football, so get your facts straight. Remember the penalty in CL that Ronaldo missed against Barca? Remember the header that Messi scored against Man U. (how curious!) , a goal where Van der Saar could do nothing about it? Messi is better than Ronaldo. Messi, as I have above noted, loves to score them in when Ronaldo is in the pitch. And Ronaldo, lo and behold, dissapears!

    PS. I can tell, from your writing, your lack of knowledge of football. You probably call it soccer. Ha. Ha. (No disrespect for you Americans, but really, you guys should stick to basketball, and baseball, etc.

  30. Jjjjjjj says

    Wow… what a completely stupid post.

    Firstly, how can you say a player should leave his club just to prove a point? Ronaldo left Man utd so what? That was his decision.

    Secondly, When Ronaldo was at Manchester United he had the quality of Giggs Rooney Tevez, now he is at Real Madrid he has Di maria ,Benzema, Ozil, Kaka and the list goes on. With portugal though, how many of their players could you say breaks into the top 10 best in the world, 1 – Ronaldo.

    Messi at Barcelona has Xavi, Iniesta, Pedro, Alves, Villa and Busquets. In Argentina he has Di maria who I can say is the only play that stands out apart from Messi. By making that point about Messi not play well for Argentina I hope this answers it, because if you think this then you have obviously never played for a team before, to play well you have to have accomplices, you cannot be a one man team and still be successful, Messi does the smart thing, he uses his team-mates wisley, the play to their strengths and so does he. I’ve tried to be a one man team before and believe me it doesn’t happen.

  31. Youssef Bakiz says

    This is crazy.. the fact that you can even compare CR7 to Messi is outrageous. Why should Messi change clubs and be punished for being loyal to his club? Just to prove guys like you wrong? Wouldnt that be extremely stupid by messi? Your arguments suck really badly. What about people like aguero, silva, mata etc. who moved from la liga teams and who are far worse than messi football-wise, theyre having a lot of success in england, and messi would be even better than them. He has already proven himself against united, chelsea, arsenal, and he dribbles aroung them just as easy as against malaga or atlético.

    Of course messi can’t head as good as ronaldo, he’s almost 20 cm’s smaller. BUT, barcelona almost NEVER crosses the ball, so he never gets cances to DO headers anyway, so thats a stupid point. When was the last time you actually say ronaldo get past a player with his “dribbles?” like a couple months ago? Messi does it numerous times in EVERY single game. He performs in the most important matches, and ronaldo has only done that ONE time – in the copa del rey final – heading a goal home against a midget barcelona defender. Without xavi and iniesta, barcelona is still a world class team – without messi, barcelona struggles to win very much.

  32. g_garcia28 says

    you say messi has only been in the liga bbva and not on another type of league.
    just think about it why sell your best player? manchester united did sell their best player but look at them they don’t “need” ronaldo to go to the champions league final. about the free kick, Ronaldo sucks at free kicks, he has a 4% scoring percentage on free kick, they always end up like an nfl field goal, I know when he scored is a beautiful goal from free kick, but that almost never happens, i’m not saying messi is better than ronaldo on free kicks, but they are almost as good on them, think about the 40 goals ronaldo scored in la liga… 10-11 goals where on the last 4 games, do you want to know something about those 4 games? Real Madrid had NO chance to win the league on those 4 games, Barcelona was already the league champions, on those 4 games real madrid played for ronaldo to beat the record not to win the league, in no game has barcelona played for messi to score, just for them to win, just some random facts for you before you think Messi is not the best player in the world right now, because without a doubt he is 😉

  33. Javedali_qau says

    Well Borris, i dont think u r neutral writing that thing. C.Ronaldo has his own place while Messi has his own. As far as the comparison is concerned i would favour Messi whom i like the way u like C.Ronaldo. You gave 3 reasons that may be acceptable to you but not for Messi’s fans. The way Messi plays football, i dont think Ronaldo could. Messi is a magician and this is the fact u have to admit… If he was not the best then why is he getting Best player of the year awards for two consecutive years? Are all those crazy who vote for him? U are biased in ur column, absolutely biased. Be positive and dont be jealous…

  34. Tamim yusufi says

    messi is a good player in Barca. if he is the best player in the world whey he couldn’t do nothing for his own national team in World cup 2010 aganist Germany which they lost 4-0 how he is the best player in the world so no. he is a good player not best.

  35. janbaz,yusufi says

    who says messi is the best player in the world he is not he don’t have to cross form 4 or 5 guys just pepe form Real Madrid is enough for him we have really best players in world without messi

  36. Roobiabdull says

                             COUNTRY: * 

    Reasons, In club he have Xavi,Iniesta,Pedro,Villa, all world class spain. With them he can score goals, win matches. etc
                   In country he have also world class player. Angel di maria, Hugo gonzalez but he needs the spain more to win which prooves that if messi go on solo he will lose. 


  37. minina76 says

     Another reason there are more than 3 reason, the spanish league is the more lazy league in Europe just has two team in topthe rest of the team are just regular/bad team, just OF COURSE is easy shine in that way, not like Cristiano that play in premier league where there are five or six teams on top be a start in premier have more credit that be start in spanish league, in champion Madrid continue being the team with more champions, in for time you plays with european team… so you show you are good in Europe, but in the world cup where really plays of the best player of the world he did anything, in facyou just have to see Messi playing againts south american team Messi is just nothing, NOT ONE GOAL, the only goal that he did the las american cup was for penalty IS SO FUNNY BELIEVE THAT MESSI IS NEAR OF BE THE BEST and is a shame cause what bad the football/soccer have to be in this days for anyone can think messi is the best…. MESSI IS JUST PUBLICITY NO MORE.

  38. Jimih1942 says

    I find it absolutely extraordinary that people can dispute that Messi is the best In the world. The greatest players step up to the biggest stages and change matches Messi can do this almost every match. There are also at least four other Barcelona players that can do this but none can change it with one utterly special and brilliant moment. Where as Messi goes on winding runs through teams that try there best to do everything in there power to stop him. This is done not by fancy tricks it’s done by a skill that Messi uses more to his advantage than any other dribbling. There are so many more reasons why Messi is best but this is possibly the most important.

  39. ALPHA says

    What a load of rubbish! Messi is by far the most gifted footballer in the world – the best since Maradona.
    Those who argue and say CR7 must be watching something other than football. Messi destroyed Real
    Madrid this year. CR7 is all about speed  and strength when they go he will be very average.He lacks
    the finess -step over are boring .When I see him beat 5 players week in week out then I will be impressed
    otherwise no contest. 

  40. Polyrafael says

    Dude honestly even Cristiano himself knows that Messi is the best then why is it so hard for you to digest? sure Cristiano is a good player but when you talk about legend! Messi got his fingerprint all over it.

  41. strehl says

    Excluding goals against bottom half of La Liga or lower divisions: Messi 31 – Ronaldo 26
    Excluding goals from penalty kicks: Messi 48 – Ronaldo 44
    Points their team wouldn’t have earned without their goals: Messi 25 – Ronaldo 19

    Messi scored more goals in open play against higher quality opponents and in games where goals made a difference rather than in blowouts. To claim that his 53 are “in no way” comparable to Ronaldo’s seems inaccurate and biased.

    You also hold it against Messi that he’s loyal to his team, and the fact that he’s had many more assists and a better goal conversion percentage than Ronaldo shows how much more of a team player he is, creating chances for others and not taking shots when keeping the play alive is likelier to yield a goal. Yes, he has the best midfield in the world at his disposal, but the way he plays he is almost part of that midfield, almost always coming from behind for scoring or setting up other players’ goals, running a lot (maybe not as fast as Ronaldo, but it still takes a lot of effort. Ronaldo is clearly good, but he still needs to learn to play as part of a team, and he’s closer to his peak (remember he’s 2 1/2 years older).

    Finally, the “Ronaldo can head better, is better at free kicks and is more athletic” observation, while clearly true, doesn’t mean that he’s more well-rounded, unless you pick those as your arbitrary criteria for completeness. Reminds me of this article by Sid Lowe, which sums it up nicely: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2010/writers/sid_lowe/12/03/messi.ronaldo/index.html

  42. says

    That is the fault of the system in which Ronaldo plays against big teams.
    Give Ronaldo the same system as Messi and I think he will not disappoint

    • Mickster says

      I don’t think Ronaldo has been disappointing, he is just playing as well as he can. It’s just not as good as Messi is doing. Period

      • Rockifela says

         How come Ronaldo outscores messi in the La Liga consistently. With all the help he gets Ronalado stands tall when it comes to goal scoring. You wanna count the number of goals messi scored penalty. He is good no doubt but I believe CR is still way ahead.

  43. says

    I do respect Messi. He is great. What I have a problem is that he is not the
    best ever. Not even close. People should think a bit more before branding
    him alongside names like Pele, Maradonna and Ronaldo.

    And no I am not the last person, there is this guy called Pele who seems to
    share my views.

    • Rockifela says

       I do too. Pele is still the best ever……..no one comes close, not even maradona, he is a cheat anyway and drug addict..Maradona that is.

  44. says

    Thanks for the suggestion and as a result I have corrected the typo. Messi
    has scored solo goals. A lot of them. What I meant was, that they are not
    the solo goals of the class that old Ronaldo or other legends used to score.
    Sure, he scored a fantastic goal against Real Madrid in the semi finals.

    But when did Messi really come into the game?. Pepe got sent off, Messi got
    unleashed. Mourinho got sent off, Real Madrid were in tatters for those 10
    minutes in which Messi just detroyed Real Madrid. If he had such quality (of
    the likes of old Ronaldo, Zidane and other greats) then why did he not
    influence the game so much when it was 11 v 11.

  45. says

    What I am saying is that Messi is good. On current form, yes he is better
    because Barcelona have won all the important titles. I would have liked to
    see these people making these arguements had the referee not sent off Pepe
    and it was Real Madrid who had won the Champions League instead of
    I did not say that Real Madrid is an average team. I just said that compared
    to Barcelona, we are a new team, with little team chemistry and to be
    honest, you cannot really compare Barcelona’s personnel individually with
    any team in the world.

  46. says

    How can he be the best? All he has done is that he has played for Barcelona
    for like 6 to 7 years. He has fully gelled into the system at Barcelona. He
    has to move somewhere else if he wants to become more of a legend

    • Polyrafael says

      I dont know what more do you want this season Messi played 55 games scored 53 goals and 25 assists then won three trophies plus the CL golden boot for the third time in a row and he’s only 23 years of age so really man get real.

      • Spdineroencasa says

        Polyrafael, Cristiano make more goals than messi, if the goals is your point, second messi has 24 not 23 he is not peterpan, and HE PLAYS HORRIBLE with his national team, and he never did anything out of Barcelon you can comparate messi with the greatest ZIDANE win in differents club, win the world cup and win the league with the best real madrid, with Ronaldo Nazario he wins the world cup and he have the record in goals iin one world cup, and he was the king with real madrid doing around 45 goals at year, and he after a injury  plays better than a lot of players and of course he plays in differents team, ETC ETC ETC, Messi without iniesta and Xabi is JUST NOTHING, and this gonna be proof in a few years cause with messi go to happen like with ronaldiño in a few years hi gonna be playing in Italia in inter or milan, and pretty sure he dont go to play well in any other team, and he go to do in the next mundial if the national team call NOTHING like always.

    • illrooke says

      he does not need to go anywhere.  why would he move to a different team when barcelona was the only one that would sign him and help him out with his growth hormone problem.  he has loyalty and that is another reason why he is the best player in the world.  Borris apparently you need to go do more research because messi is thee best all rounded player i have ever seen he heads it in, shoots the ball and comes up with the most amazing passes to his players were all they have to do is tap the ball in.  there is no debate no arguement MESSI is the best player ever!!

      • people are stupid says

         THIS,, i have never understood the thing that player has to move somewhere else to show how good he is or something 😀 messi cant find a better team than barcelona he doesnt have to move anywhere.. i think the whole point of football is to find the best team for you where you can feel home! messi doesnt want to show anyone that he is better player than ronaldo he wants to play the damn game he LOVES! messis story is much more than just different teams and money, barcelona raised this kid and thats something else..