3 Reasons Why Messi Is Not The Best Player In The World

Messi of Barcelona

Messi is not perfect(Photo by n Macca)

Barcelona have won the Champions League and the La Liga title as well. Got into the finals of Copa Del Ray as well and had it not been for the efforts of Real Madrid, Barcelona would have had yet another treble and yet another trophy under the guidance of Per Guardiola.

Many people are now hailing Messi as the best ever player. Well, he is not the best ever. He is not even the current best I think. He may be the best dribbler in the world. He is certainly the quickest player in the world but to say that he is the best player in the world is I think a bit debatable.

There are many reasons for that. 3 of them are:

  • Ronaldo is way more all rounded player than Messi. Messi cannot head the ball. Cannot take free kicks as well as Ronaldo and does not have brute pace. Hence, in a very restricted system of football, is Messi made to appear better than Ronaldo.
  • Messi’s 53 goals are in no way equal to Ronaldo’s 54 (or 53 if you like) goals this season. Firstly, because most of the goals Ronaldo scored, were hard goals. Even though he had some good amount of tap ins, he had to a lot of running or work before the goal to get the goal. Ronaldo does not have the privileges that Messi has at Barcelona. Barcelona play an attacking style of play. People are moving all the time and creating space for Messi to take advantage of. The people who are moving are not just people, they are people like Xavi, Iniesta and Pedro. World class players. While at Real Madrid, Ronaldo is pretty much on its own. Even in Manchester United he was pretty much on his own. The team depended on him. At Real Madrid Ronaldo has to play upfront alone most of the time because of Mourinho’s style of play. Ronaldo has not got the luxuryofthat much free space because Real Madrid have people like Khedira, Maria and Oezil instead of Xavi, Iniesta and Pedro. Real Madrid players are not gelled enough yet.
  • Messi has only performed in one league and for one club. For a side that has a world class player at every position you can think of. Ronaldo has scored goals in two of the toughest leagues in the world. He not only has scored goals, he has scored lots of goals, lots of solo goals and while Messi’s goals might look like solo goals, they are not actually solo goals, because his teammates work a lot off the ball to give Messi that kind of space where he can get 1 vs 1 against opponent’s defenders.
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These were just some of the reasons why Ronaldo is more of a utility player than Messi. Messi has only proved himself at Barcelona and not even Barcelona, he has proved himself with Barcelona’s greatest club side ever. For me, he has to leave


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