5 Reasons why C.Ronaldo is better than Messi

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Now that C.Ronaldo has got his career at Real Madrid up and running. I have no choice but to be biased and go with Ronaldo this time in the debate of ‘Who is the best player in the world’. I have my reasons for it. Firstly because he plays for Real Madrid and Messi plays for Barcelona.

Real Madrid obviously have won more than Barcelona, though Barcelona have eclipsed Real Madrid in the past 5 years in terms of winning league and Champions league but this season, that is about to change as Real Madrid look to collect its 10nth Champions League crown and cement their place as the Europeans Elite once again (if you guys did not know already that Real Madrid are not in the 1st pot for Champions League draw, which basically means that UEFA no longer considers Real Madrid amongst the tier 1 clubs and our place has been taken by Villareal I think). So back to Ronaldo vs Messi debate.

Here is why I think Ronaldo is better than Messi:

  1. This is the most obvious one I think and that is, Ronaldo can hit the ball equally well with both feet while Messi SURE can’t. That gives Ronaldo more mobility on the wing and can trick opponents with the use of either feet for dribbling. The plus point Messi has is that, he is so good with his left foot that he hardly requires the use of his right foot in any situation, but still, when we talk about the best, two footed ability is certainly a thing Ronaldo can rely upon to out shine Messi because there will always be situations where Messi would have to cut back on the ball while Ronaldo would just use his left foot to shoot or pass. A lethal weapon to wrong foot the keeper which is the key to scoring goals when one does not have the accuracy of Zidane or Beckham.
  2. Second is obviously that Ronaldo can head the ball better. Now this may seem in contrast to what happened in Champions League final 2009 when L.Messi scored off a header to give Barcelona the 2-0 lead over Manchester Unitedandthe two defenders marking Messi were Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic, who are considered to be the best aerial defenders in the world by far but if we ignore that goal, then I do not think that anyone can find a goal from Messi where he uses his head. He does not need to by the way. Anyway, Ronaldo has scored a lot of vital goals for Manchester United by heading the ball and a player as good as Ronaldo, with the ball at his feet, deceives the defenders into thinking that he would not be a threat at headers but in reality, Ronaldo is a big threat, his physique and ripped legs, allow him to jump higher than most people allows him to score headers.
  3. Ronaldo can take free kicks like 100 times better than Messi. That also has to do with the fact that Messi does not actually take free kicks for Barcelona, very rarely have I seen Messi taking free kicks either for Argentina (his national team) or Barcelona (his current club side, though Manchester City have appearedtohandhimablankcheckto
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  1. ocean says

    Leo messi all 38
    records in 2011/12 season !

    • RECORD #1 – With 72 goals for Barca Messi set a new world record, surpassing
    Archie Stark (1924-25 Bethlehem Steel, USA)

    • RECORD #2 – Messi became the first player to score 50 goals in a single
    season in La Liga, breaking CR’s record of 40 goals.

    • RECORD #3 – Messi (currently on 252 goals) became Barcelona’s all-time
    topscorer, breaking Césars record of 232 goals.

    • RECORD #4 – Messi is Barcelona’s all time goalscorer in the CL with 51 goals

    • RECORD #5 – Messi is Barcelona’s all time goalscorer in the European
    competition with 52 goals

    • RECORD #6 – Messi is Barcelona’s all time goalscorer in the International
    competition with 56 goals

    • RECORD #7 – Messi is the first player ever in the history of the Liga to
    score 8 hat-tricks in a single Liga season

    • RECORD #8 – Messi equals Gerd Mullers record of being top scorer in the CL 4

    • RECORD #9 – Messi is the first player to be crowned top goalscorer in the
    Champions League for 4 consecutive seasons

    • RECORD #10 – Messi has played more matches (60) this season than in any of
    his previous seasons with Barcelona. 

    • RECORD #11 – Messi registered 29 assists for Barcelona in all competitions
    this season, a new personal record

    • RECORD #12 – Messi became the first player to have scored and assisted in 6
    different official competitions in a calendar year 

    • RECORD #13 – Messi became the 2nd Barca player (after Pedro) to score in 6
    different official competitions in a single season

    • RECORD #14 – Messi scored 5 goals in the CL-match against Bayer Leverkusen
    (7-1), most goals by any player in a CL-match

    • RECORD #15 – Messi produced 35 goals in home games this Liga season, more
    than any other player in La Liga’s history

    • RECORD #16 – Messi produced 14 hat-tricks in La Liga in his Barca career, breaking
    the club record held by Cesar (13) 

    • RECORD #17 – Messi became to first player ever to reach 100 points in the
    race of the European Golden Shoe (50×2) 

    • RECORD #18 – With 214 games Messi is Barca’s most experienced foreigner in La
    Liga history, beating record of Cocu (205)

    • RECORD #19 – Messi (24) became the youngest player ever to pass the 50-goal
    mark in the Champions League

    • RECORD #20 – Messi became record scorer in the CL knockout stage with 26
    goals. Previous record: 18 goals (Raúl/Shevchenko)

    • RECORD #21 – is the only player to have scored 2 CL hat-tricks in one season.

    • RECORD #22 – Messi scored his 3rd CL-hattrick for Barca this season, equaling
    the record held by Filippo Inzaghi

    • RECORD #23 – Messi is the only player to have scored 4 or more goals twice in
    one game in the knockout stage of the CL

    • RECORD #24 – Messi became the 2nd Barcelona player (after Quini) to win the
    Pichichi trophy for topscorer in La Liga twice

    • RECORD #25 – Messi became all-time topscorer in the Supercopa with 8 goals,
    surpassing the record of Raúl (7 goals)

    • RECORD #26 – Messi has scored 4 goals in the club world cup. More than anyone

    • RECORD #27 – Messi converted 10 penaties this Liga season, equal to the club
    record held by Ronald Koeman (1989-90)

    • RECORD #28 – Messi scored in 10 consecutive Liga games this season, equalling
    the club record of Martín (42/43) & Ronaldo (96/97)

    • RECORD #29 – Messi is the 2nd player (after H.Sánchez) in Spanish football to
    score 35+ goals in all comps for 4 seasons in a row

    • RECORD #30 – Messi scored in 6 consecutive home games (twice) this season, a
    new personal record. Previous record was 5.

    • RECORD #31 – Messi has equalled Samuel Eto’o’s (2007-08) record of scoring in
    7 consecutive away Liga games this season. 

    • RECORD #32 – Messi registered the fastest hat-trick in Barca’s Liga history
    in the game vs Mallorca (5-0) this season (17 minutes)

    • RECORD #33 – Messi became the 4th player in CL history (after Litmanen,
    Crespo & Henry) to score in 7 consecutive away games

    • RECORD #34 – Messi became the first player in CL history to score 14 goals in
    a single season (main tournament) 

    • RECORD #35 – Messi (24 years old) became the youngest player ever to reach
    150 goals in La Liga 

    • RECORD #36 – Messi became the 4th player to win 3 Ballons d’Or, after Johan
    Cruyff, Michel Platini and Marco van Basten. 

    • RECORD #37 – Messi became the 2nd player to win 3 consecutive Ballons d’Or,
    after Michel Platini.

    • RECORD #38 Messi the first player to score 82 goals for club and country in
    one season.

  2. Marti says

    :)  “Ronaldo can shoot from any position while Messi has to get close to the penalty area to have any chance of scoring a goal.”  Generally true – in the sense that Messi usually goes inside the box – , except statistically [i can’t remember which season – 09/10 or 10/11 – i’ve only seen the stats for one of them] Messi had scored more goals from outside the box than Ronaldo from far fewer shots. Amazing statistic as it blew the common preconception that Ronaldo’s shot is better. See Sid Lowe’s article for details.

  3. Bhan says

    To bad that Ronaldo is nothing that he used to be.  All he is good at now is penalties and free kicks… While Messi is getting it done

  4. Ale says

    haha this is just hilarious. Why do not you write an argument why CR is better than God.
     I think you are the only man in earth that thinks that CR is better than Messi.

  5. CR7 is better than Messi says

    Ronaldo is better cause he is faster, has more power, more ball control, can do tricks, can score free kicks and score from very long range, can head, can use both feet and he is also better cause he doesn’t need Iniesta or Xavi to score… thats the biggest reason… messi cant score in argentina cause he doesnt have Iniesta or Xavi there… yeah…

    • Brijesh says

      More ball control …are u kidding ….yeah he has got good ball control but not better than messi …even Fifa gives less rating in ball control, skills and acceleration,dribbling…to ronaldo than messimessi

  6. CR7 says

    well..every players got his fans..
    but i will always the CR7 fans..
    hope he can be better than messi next season!!!

  7. Messi4Lyf says

    “Ronaldo can shoot from any position while Messi has to get close to the penalty area to have any chance of scoring a goal.”

  8. Biznesspassion says

    You are biased man…………just forget it, messi is the best and ronaldo admits that tooo

  9. Nidal Rasheed says

    at present ronaldo is has scored more goals 19 and that fool messi has scored 16
    i am a huge fan of CR and he is the best player in the planet//

  10. ricky says

    C.ronaldo is better than messi i have to say that becasue ronaldo has more tricks good at headers and takes great freekicks also he has more pace and is good at long range shots. the thing about messi is that he is a better dribbling and good at other some other things.

    the reason why he sored less goals last season because he was injured.And messi has scored more goals this season is becasue ronaldo moved ina diff country league team and he will play better and ronald 44 apps 43 goals.
    thats why c.ronaldo is better and he is a more a complete player. And c.ronaldo is better by far!messi may have score more this season but dont forget 2008 ronaldo better!

    • Zidanetribal316 says

      Lionel Messi is better than C. Ronaldo and is more complete. Much better dribbling, passing and shooting. Better vision, tactical awareness, precision and efficiency. He can control a game, as seen against Real Madrid, and is involved in all areas of the game. Most of Ronaldos goals are tap ins – in 2007-2008 42 of them from passes by Giggs, Scholes and Rooney. Ronaldo also has to resort to shooting from distance because he hasn’t the skill to go past players like Messi can and Messi can create goals out of nothing, which Ronaldo could NEVER do.

  11. zach says

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm u r so wrong!!!!! Messi is a lot a lot better than C. Ronaldo

    Read this

    One day God decided to make the greatest football player ever, so he grabbed a bowl and mixed the best ingredients he had. unfortunately he left it too long on the oven and got ruined so He named it Cristiano Ronaldo and sent it to earth. He then tried again and truly made the best player ever and named him Messi.

    Of course this is a true story!

  12. shravan says

    R u gone mad???? see messi’s form and that mad CRonaldo’s form- see their passes..who is better…..?Ronaldo…????????????Foolish!

  13. Rein says

    I hate it when CR looks straight to the camera and smiles whenever he scores a goal. Looks like his focus is on his look not on his game….
    I think Messi is far better than him

  14. Aramre says

    and please can someone tell these people that ronaldo is not a GREAT free kick taker!!! he is average at best! he just has his trademarks that make him out to be some big deal. CHECK THE STATS. ronaldo scores every 1 in 20 free kicks… 1 in 10 free kicks are scored in the premier league… put that in ur pipe and smoke it

  15. Aramre says

    2. how many shots does CR take from outside the box… maybe 10 a game… all it take si for messi to gut thru the defense and cleverly trick the goalie… ronaldo shoots directly AT the goalie.
    3. this is useless arguing every point. its like talkig to a 8 year old about y ice cream isnt breakfast.

  16. Ron says

    Ronaldo rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by ryan oneill

    • Spiderarjun says

      Ronaldo rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      If you disagree you don’t know what soccer is.
      Play a suckish sport like baseball or basketball

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