5 Reasons Why Messi Is Better Than C.Ronaldo

Disregarding FIFA, Messi is the best player on planet Earth(and probably Mars too)

Ok. I just thought I would write this so that may be, JUST MAY BE. Florentino Perez reads this and decideds to wait for Messi than to break the bank for Ronaldo (which seems immensely likely though).

There are many reasons why Messi is a better player and I say it again, PLAYER, not PERSONALITY than Ronaldo. Ronaldo is way better than Messi off the court but right now Real Madrid are in need of some serious silverware, Copa Del Rays will not do the job and in my opinion, neither will La Liga, we need Champions League crown. Real Madrid needs the Champions League crown to reclaim it’s status in Europe. Ok, so here we go.

  1. Messi is by far a better thinker than Ronaldo on the field. The plays he makes at Barrcelona are (as rightly said by Theirry Henry) unreal for a 21 year old. He knows how to unlock any defence with slick and fast passing (assuming that on the day, he can’t do it all by himself) and most of all, he anticipates where the defenders are and what are they going to do next. Ronaldo just comes onto the field and starts shooting the heck out of the ball. He wants to dribble defenders the way the coach told him too. I mean, that is by no means a bad thing but in matches like this year’s Champions League final or any tight game in the league where the coach’s tactics are not working, sometimes you have to think on your own like Zidane did and that is why he was able to split 10 men defenses in mere seconds.
  2. Messi is simply better than Ronaldo technically.Messi dribbles instinctively unlike Ronaldo, who always tries different moves which he learns while training. Messi is always watching the defender, waiting patiently for any mistake, lapse in concentration or slight off balance. One mistake and boom, Messi skips past in a flash. This is I think the sole reason why Messi is able to perform where C.Ronaldo fails ie against the big sides with good defenders. World Class defenders are not fooled easily with fancy step overs and the like, they like to play hard and if one is playing like Ronaldo, they just go in and tackle the crap out of that player whereas in case of Messi, Messi’s feet are so quick that he is able to change his direction as soon as he sees the defender coming in with a challenge and he is able to pull it off, more frequently than any other player of the planet. In a nutshell, Ronaldo is a little bit predictable with his style of play whereas Messi adapts more easily and more quickly.
  3. Messi is short but still manages to tough it out when he needs to and I have watched both players since the last 4 years and Ronaldo dives like about, 5 times more than Messi. Just look at the goal Messi scored against Getafe (the Maradonna goal) in Copa Del Ray Semi Final in the season 2006-2007, I bet Ronaldo would have dived like thrice had he been subjected to the pushing and tackling that Messi was subjected to while he was on that magical surge into towards the Getage goal.
  4. Messi does not need his teammates to beat players and to perform at his best whereas Ronaldo does. Look at the goals that both have scored this season (2008-2009). Most, if not all, of Ronaldo’sgoalare team goals. Like, Rooney sets him up or Giggs makes a run along the flank and takes a defender with him. Space opens up for Ronaldo and he then takes advantage. Not an easy thing to do but compared with Messi’s, it is. Messi just takes the ball and beats players and then sets up his teammates or mostly, scores himself. He does not need space (though obviously, would be more destructive in that situation) to be efficient on the field. Ronaldo was dead in the Semi Final against Barcelona in 2007-2008 when he was playing all on his own upfront. Barcelona also did a great job on him in this years final, you cannot do that against Messi. His quick feet and acceleration in changing direction is too much and hence makes him, UNMARKABLE. The best example where my point is prooved like a hundred times is when Ronaldo is playing for his national team. He was a complete zilt in the Euro’s and has never really performed for Portugal in any tournaments. Sure he always has done his tricks and flicks, but that does not neccessarily means, PERFORMANCE.
  5. Messi can and infact, has scored goals with the mere touch of his hands (lolz on that). Yeah, as silly as that sounds, that is a big advantage. Messi can pull of stunts like those, I have seen him try a few times and he has succeeded. But only once.

So there you go, 4 legit and 1 a bit peculiar reason, of why Messi is better than Ronaldo. To sum it up, Messi can inspire his teammates better than Ronaldo and Messi obviously has a better touch than Ronaldo, plus Messi knows his angles better than everyone else and that is why he can and does, use every inch of the football field.

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  1. ocean says

    Leo messi all 38
    records in 2011/12 season !

    • RECORD #1 – With 72 goals for Barca Messi set a new world record, surpassing
    Archie Stark (1924-25 Bethlehem Steel, USA)

    • RECORD #2 – Messi became the first player to score 50 goals in a single
    season in La Liga, breaking CR’s record of 40 goals.

    • RECORD #3 – Messi (currently on 252 goals) became Barcelona’s all-time
    topscorer, breaking Césars record of 232 goals.

    • RECORD #4 – Messi is Barcelona’s all time goalscorer in the CL with 51 goals

    • RECORD #5 – Messi is Barcelona’s all time goalscorer in the European
    competition with 52 goals

    • RECORD #6 – Messi is Barcelona’s all time goalscorer in the International
    competition with 56 goals

    • RECORD #7 – Messi is the first player ever in the history of the Liga to
    score 8 hat-tricks in a single Liga season

    • RECORD #8 – Messi equals Gerd Mullers record of being top scorer in the CL 4

    • RECORD #9 – Messi is the first player to be crowned top goalscorer in the
    Champions League for 4 consecutive seasons

    • RECORD #10 – Messi has played more matches (60) this season than in any of
    his previous seasons with Barcelona. 

    • RECORD #11 – Messi registered 29 assists for Barcelona in all competitions
    this season, a new personal record

    • RECORD #12 – Messi became the first player to have scored and assisted in 6
    different official competitions in a calendar year 

    • RECORD #13 – Messi became the 2nd Barca player (after Pedro) to score in 6
    different official competitions in a single season

    • RECORD #14 – Messi scored 5 goals in the CL-match against Bayer Leverkusen
    (7-1), most goals by any player in a CL-match

    • RECORD #15 – Messi produced 35 goals in home games this Liga season, more
    than any other player in La Liga’s history

    • RECORD #16 – Messi produced 14 hat-tricks in La Liga in his Barca career, breaking
    the club record held by Cesar (13) 

    • RECORD #17 – Messi became to first player ever to reach 100 points in the
    race of the European Golden Shoe (50×2) 

    • RECORD #18 – With 214 games Messi is Barca’s most experienced foreigner in La
    Liga history, beating record of Cocu (205)

    • RECORD #19 – Messi (24) became the youngest player ever to pass the 50-goal
    mark in the Champions League

    • RECORD #20 – Messi became record scorer in the CL knockout stage with 26
    goals. Previous record: 18 goals (Raúl/Shevchenko)

    • RECORD #21 – is the only player to have scored 2 CL hat-tricks in one season.

    • RECORD #22 – Messi scored his 3rd CL-hattrick for Barca this season, equaling
    the record held by Filippo Inzaghi

    • RECORD #23 – Messi is the only player to have scored 4 or more goals twice in
    one game in the knockout stage of the CL

    • RECORD #24 – Messi became the 2nd Barcelona player (after Quini) to win the
    Pichichi trophy for topscorer in La Liga twice

    • RECORD #25 – Messi became all-time topscorer in the Supercopa with 8 goals,
    surpassing the record of Raúl (7 goals)

    • RECORD #26 – Messi has scored 4 goals in the club world cup. More than anyone

    • RECORD #27 – Messi converted 10 penaties this Liga season, equal to the club
    record held by Ronald Koeman (1989-90)

    • RECORD #28 – Messi scored in 10 consecutive Liga games this season, equalling
    the club record of Martín (42/43) & Ronaldo (96/97)

    • RECORD #29 – Messi is the 2nd player (after H.Sánchez) in Spanish football to
    score 35+ goals in all comps for 4 seasons in a row

    • RECORD #30 – Messi scored in 6 consecutive home games (twice) this season, a
    new personal record. Previous record was 5.

    • RECORD #31 – Messi has equalled Samuel Eto’o’s (2007-08) record of scoring in
    7 consecutive away Liga games this season. 

    • RECORD #32 – Messi registered the fastest hat-trick in Barca’s Liga history
    in the game vs Mallorca (5-0) this season (17 minutes)

    • RECORD #33 – Messi became the 4th player in CL history (after Litmanen,
    Crespo & Henry) to score in 7 consecutive away games

    • RECORD #34 – Messi became the first player in CL history to score 14 goals in
    a single season (main tournament) 

    • RECORD #35 – Messi (24 years old) became the youngest player ever to reach
    150 goals in La Liga 

    • RECORD #36 – Messi became the 4th player to win 3 Ballons d’Or, after Johan
    Cruyff, Michel Platini and Marco van Basten. 

    • RECORD #37 – Messi became the 2nd player to win 3 consecutive Ballons d’Or,
    after Michel Platini.

    • RECORD #38 Messi the first player to score 82 goals for club and country in
    one season.

  2. Anonymous says

    Heskey is the best lol. Jokes. Messi is better in my opinion but they are very different. Messi is more of a team player. He passes more and assists more whereas Ronaldo shoots more and tries fancy step-overs, but do they get him anywhere apart from back to square 1.

    Shooting: Ronaldo
    Passing: Messi
    Dribbling: Messi
    Speed with ball: Messi
    Speed without ball: Ronaldo
    Personality: Messi
    Fair Player: Messi
    Balance: Messi

    Just because Messi is shorter doesn’t mean he isn’t as good, if not better, than Mr I’m The Best And Macho Man.

    Messi also gives alot to charity and has founded his own because he knows how it is to be with a growth hormone deficiency. If he hadn’t received treatment then he would be a mere 4 foot 11 inches.

    Messi also has football in his heart and he wants to play no matter what.

    Messi has scored some of the most astonishing and stunning goals in history.

    Also not forgetting that Ronaldo is over 2 years older than Messi. LM10 hasn’t peaked to the summit of his career.

    And just a word of advice, people please do not write as if you are illiterate, I am 13 and the spellings of peeps on this site make me feel for the human race.

  3. Jorge_antonio_02 says

    Your crazy by saying messi doesn’t need his team to score goals he’s only good in Barcelona he’s no good with Argentina ronaldo has shined anywhere he’s been Manchester united Portugal real Madrid

  4. Keval purohit says

    dude who ever posted it izz a crap u give single example of dat getafe goal ronaldo would hav dived thrise i say u 10 reasons y ronaldo izz faar better dan messi 

    1:- ronaldo scores awsum headers where messi cant even reach to the ball as he izz short 😛 
    2:- jst look at each an every goal of ronaldo if sum team mates makes a goal for him dan he finshes it so clicly an messi jst runs wit the baal scores goal bt ether the goal izz cbhiped or all seen traditional goals 
    3:-ronaldo can perform each an every skill moves which messi jst run simply ronaldo can beat any player defence
    4:- ronaldo izz faster dan messi wen he dribles no 1 can catch him where messi izz quick bt nt dat defenders can reach easly
    5:-ronaldo izz awsum freekick takers even he izz d bst freekick taker ever in football world where messi hezz soo short dat he cant even see d goal post coz of defence walll 😛 
    6:-ronaldo izz exilent inside the box bt 4 outside the box i mean long range shorts he izz above exilent where messi again coz hezz short wen he dribles so he cant even se the goal post coz many defenders cums in front of him 😛
    7:ronaldo’s shot pover izz lyk bullet even goal keeper izz frighten wen he takes a shot where messi comparitivly kaka hav more poverfull short pover dan messi toh ronaldo se kyaa compare karne ka 😛 

    • Dus_dash says

      do u play football???i m sure not coz ur comments r speaking that….we never see the post with our full vision while shooting frm long range…..only a partial view is taken as reference…n in ur max points u r saying messi dont see the post..ha ha ha..funny..there is no field in the world which has post in different place….and watch his heading he scored against man u in champions leauge final 2009,,u will know how atheletic he is evcen being short…for ur kind information it was the highest height achieved by any footbaqller in the history during a jump…..

  5. Megotechnoboi says

    actually u got the first reson wrong dumb!!!!! cristiano’s top gol was sick! it was like 10 yrds away from the box! n cristiano can soooo juke out messi!

  6. Mail Firmansyah93 says

    they are different in playing. they have their histories in their own lives. the differences are a usual thing for me. everyone can’t make a conclusion about their differences, because few differences or even many differences make everyone to be a unique person and make somebody to be a famous person because of .his unique skill.

  7. Monty says

    Presently nobody can match RONALDO !!!!
    his skilllsss , technique, game & much more is all d way better than any present footballer
    NOBODY chase him……..!

  8. Anthony Russian says

    They are both excellent players but what it comes to is how effective you are on the field and right now at this point of the season messi has the same amount of goals as ronaldo but messi is the league laeder in assists. When it comes to succes on the field i will give this one to Messi, but off the field Ronaldo(ads,looks,modeling,etc) BOth are great players and I hope i get the chance to play alonside them one of these days:)

  9. ugg boots says

    FIFA World Cup Golden Ball award given in the list of 10 candidates, reached the final of Spain and the Netherlands a total of 5 short-listed, what is surprising is the golden boy Lionel Messi of Argentina is also impressively. Messi is very depressed at this World Cup, not only into a ball, but the team also missed the semi-finals by Germany humiliation, his dream can only wait until the World Cup four years after the Brazilian had.In my opinion, this award belongs to his original

  10. orange says

    in my opinion, ronaldo doesn't prove the point that he deserves to be called themost expensive player in the world.he should stop acting so cocky, and show the world how great he is (IF he really is). oh, i do dislike him.messi? he's not cocky and he IS great.

  11. yorgeus says

    look we all know that ronaldo is going to choke in the fifa world this and messi is not going to choke because messi is the best player in the whole world last week he just did a league record for most goals in clubs 33 could ronaldo do that hell no

    • futbolphenom says

      are you an idiot messi scored 47 goals in 53 matches so he averages 0.88 goals per match as to where ronaldo scored 33 in 35 matches and averaged 0.94so he averages so you can talk all you want about messi's goal scoring but the fact is ronaldo averages more goals a game then messi so if ronaldo played 53 matches he would have scored 50 goals witch is 3 more then messi

  12. blackheartsumon says

    messi can do everything i think so he can he could he should he might if not thats tragic for whole world .he gave a real life to me he is the best best best best

  13. arrogantronaldorejec says

    i think it's proven in previous el classico. messi did better than ronaldo. he is smart. just see their head to head record. i think messi have won more head to head games than ronaldo did. 3 for messi and1 for ronaldo may be

  14. ronaldothebest says

    2 morow we can f u c k barchalona guys 2 morow we can say c.ronaldo he's the best player on earth fu ck messi ronaldo is the best

  15. yorgeus says


    • says

      You would not bet your house on it or would you? Nobody can be sure aboutanything now that we all have seen what happened last night when Arsenaltotally neutralized the supposed best player in the world Lionel Messi

  16. Hugo André Cr says

    ronaldo have a strenght, is powerfull ,but this caracters receive a psysical type.Messi have a skill, tecnical, tactical, dribliging, and score beautiful gols.

  17. Gambit says

    also guys the character of Messi is fantastic..he's humble,honest,gentle..parents will say to their lads to be gentle like Messi…there is no comparison b/w a satan(cr) and GOD (Messi)..

  18. Nazeef says

    Messi is better than C.Ronaldo because Ronaldo plays in Portugal and Messi plays in Argentina. Messi has a ability to do all the skills.Messi has guided Barca to win the 6 cups. Ronaldo cannot do skills like Messi

  19. messi fan says

    u ronaldo fans are all idiots who dont know anything about football. messi doesnt let his physical attributes stop him from being the best! unlike that one trick pony, ronaldo!

  20. Jl117 says

    WIat before barcelona was weak on there defense now they have to do sometihg about it . messi can become the best player in the world. but Real madrid are coward because there from Rich universities which was founded and barcelona wasnt that like Real madrid which was richer so Rm suck because they need a daddyto take care of them instead barcelona is either play good there is your money but very good as messi because messi is going to recieve about 250 million more than christiano ronaldo

  21. josephhoff says

    people think messi is better than ronaldo but they are terribly rong!!!!!!!!!!!!! ronaldo is way better than messi. from joseph hoff

  22. Jl117 says

    Messi isnt eco to cristiano ronaldo because RM is richer beceause it was founded in rich universties and barcelona is not richer to real madid christiano ronaldo is the best well paid but messi is the best in the world for ever. RM are coward they destroy barcelona way time ago score 0 – 11 because of poor defense RM neede a daddy because they couldnt think by them self

  23. Jl117 says

    WIat before barcelona was weak on there defense now they have to do sometihg about it . messi can become the best player in the world. but Real madrid are coward because there from Rich universities which was founded and barcelona wasnt that like Real madrid which was richer so Rm suck because they need a daddyto take care of them instead barcelona is either play good there is your money but very good as messi because messi is going to recieve about 250 million more than christiano ronaldo

  24. josephhoff says

    people think messi is better than ronaldo but they are terribly rong!!!!!!!!!!!!! ronaldo is way better than messi. from joseph hoff

  25. Jl117 says

    Messi isnt eco to cristiano ronaldo because RM is richer beceause it was founded in rich universties and barcelona is not richer to real madid christiano ronaldo is the best well paid but messi is the best in the world for ever. RM are coward they destroy barcelona way time ago score 0 – 11 because of poor defense RM neede a daddy because they couldnt think by them self

  26. prick123 says

    ur all a bunch of flippin retards arguing like bitches. Why do we have to compare them? Both players are amazing and have different styles. Watching matches when their head to head, you can judge for yourself who wins the battle. Both players have scored brilliant goals and have raped most defences. All the footballers playing for the top teams are all good, but these two are the best from the rest. Peace to all u lot. CHELSEA BEST TEAM IN THE WORLD. WE'LL BUY EVERYONE AND WIN EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. caspermilan says

    sorry, but you are a complete retard if you believe 4 is true… it's quite the opposite.ronaldo had a team of mediocre players around him, with him being the only major attacking force…messi is absolutely ZERO/NOTHING/ZILCH/NADA without the genius of xavi and iniesta… he completely fails without a midfield maestro behind him, and just looks lost. the same happens at argentina when he's without riquelme!he then goes what i like to call "superhero mode" where he tries to do everything on his own, and just dribbles pointlessly and horizantally across the pitch into cul-de-sacs and losing the ball…but since you listed THREE reasons why messi is better than ronaldo, maybe i should list the 20 why the opposite is true?

  28. 2ricaardo2 says

    u am all *** u dont no anything bout footie accept 2ricaardo2 u all *** **** *** *** messi is well better thn ronaldo if u want to say anything u hve to deal wid me and 2ricaardo2 haha lool *** uu

    (Admin: Dude, watch the language)

  29. hechoenmexico says

    First i think ronaldo is better than messi. messi cant do what cristiano could do, first messi cant shoot like cirstiano, cristiano could shoot from outside the penalty box and from freekicks.messi cant shoot like him, cristianos foot skills are much better and flashyer. ronaldo is good at heading unlike messi, messis header in the champions league final was a result of poor defence from man u not from messi jumping over the defence. ive been watching soccer for a couple of years now, and the only teams i knew of is madrid and barca, not man u. messi was made famous by playing in barca if messi wouldve started his carrier in a crapy team like cristiano did , messi wouldve been any other soccer player. ronaldo made manchester a popular team because he is simply the best. messi plays well in barca because he has extremly good teammates, how is messi doing in his countrys team? {messi plays like crap because he doesnt have teammates like in barca. when he plays in argentina i almost forget hes even playing because he doest do anything.}what has messi acomplished in his national team? he lost 2 copa americas, got eliminated by germany in the world cup, lose to brazil at home, and barely making next years worlds cup. do you think thats being the worlds best player? cristiano got his team 4th place in 2006 wold cup (wich is extremly good when you are talking about a limited team like portugal) he went to the euro cup finals in 2004, going oyer teams like germany france italy england, and what about all the cups won at ManU. So who is the best? not messi, not Ronaldo, but yes, KaKa. He made ac milan remember there lost glory years, and what hasnt he won with brazils national team? Just because madrid isnt playing well right now doesnt mean kaKa isnt still he best.

  30. lionelronaldo says

    i think both are equal because they both have there own superpowers like messi for ball cntrl. and ronaldo for shooting/free kicks so like both of them 100% each

  31. jewelpitter says


  32. pappiscoceesay says

    i believe that messi is better than that girl ronaldo he aint selfish n he has vision on the pitch so all a cn say is ronaldo u aint no match for messi retire

  33. faizan123123 says

    Messi Rules…..hez the best… No No No Comparison with c ronaldo…ronaldo just knows how to slide lol…one defender is upand here he goeslolunlike messi…..hes the tru team person….play with pure determination and the strengthYEAHHEZ A MAN

  34. krizzo says

    Messi is better, he is younger. And when he dribbles he does it faster than Ronaldo, and when he does it he takes the ball with him. And they who says that Messi is the worlds worst player do not know what they talking about. But i do not say that Ronaldo is a bad player. he is a fantastic player but Messi is better overall than Ronaldo. Ronaldo is better in some things. This is the fact:Best shot: Ronaldo, Most speed without ball: Ronaldo: Best teamwork: Messi, Best dribble:Messi, Most speed with ball: Messi, Best Talent: Messi.I'm not saying that Ronaldo is a good becuse he is good but Messi is the best and are the best player in the world and thats the fact!

  35. cutie101 says

    uuuum well ronaldo is a good player 2 but compared 2 messi he aint nuthin…….nd messi is good in da field nd out da field 2 so ppl reconize dat messi is da best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • joe79 says

      You guys are obsessed with Messi and CR. Freaky man ..Doesn't matter who is the best, most important is how long they can maintain their standard. Enjoy football, not football player. Go home to your wife.

  36. 1amal1 says

    I think Messi is simply better than Ronaldo.The style of his play is incredible.I agree that ronaldo is good in shooting skills.But,messi is the player who is a real nightmare for the defenders

  37. Icy says

    messi is better than ronaldo because his foot and the ball are like best friends and he doesn't fall as much as ronaldo does which means he has better balance. Messi dribbles without embarrassing himself and rolling on the ground (hint lol). Messi is simply better team player and individual player than ronaldo and i think that Real Madrid is going to regret paying that much…

    • Lionelravindra says

      Dude i have more reasons to prove messi is the best in the world!i dont know why people compare a funny guy like ronaldo to a 22 year old LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVEN'T SEEN MARADONA MUCH……………… JUST HIS VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT I WANT TO SAY THE WORLD THAT THERE IS NO PLAYER LIKE MESSI AND WILL NEVER BE………….! FOOTBALL IS FROM YEARS BUT ONLY ONE PERSON IS THE BEST I.E "LIONEL ANDRES MESSI". WHEREAS RONALDO CAN GET A BEST ACTOR AWARD……………………………..HE IS ALSO THE BEST DIVER IN THE WORLD………………. RONALDO DOES NOTHING ON THE FIELD………………… HEZ A WASTE…………………..!IF RONALDO CAN SCORE ATLEAST ONE GOAL LYK MESSI /………………………I REALLY RESPECT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT PPL KEEP ON ARGUING THAT RONALDO IS FIFA PLAYER OF THE YEAR FOR 2008…………………….. BOTH IN 2007 AND 2008 MESSI CAME SECOND BEST! RONALDO WAS GIVEN THE AWARD BCOZ HE HAD SCORED 42 FUNNY GOALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS SEE WHO CAN STOP THAT AWARD GOING TO MESSI IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE I MEAN NOBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MESSI: FIFA PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MESSI IS THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FULL STOP!

      • name1111111 says

        r u high lionel ravindra. ronaldo is the best because of his free kicks, headers, strikes, skills, skills, skills, humiliating other playrs, so on and so on. messi is good but definitely not as good as ronaldo.

      • name1111111 says

        r u high lionel ravindra. ronaldo is the best because of his free kicks, headers, strikes, skills, skills, skills, humiliating other playrs, so on and so on. messi is good but definitely not as good as ronaldo.

  38. moemt99 says

    lets compare cristiano and messi winner loserwho shoots better cristaino messiwho's faster crisaino messiwho dribbels better cristiano messiwho's stronger cristiano messiwho' better in header's cristaino messi

    • Murat says

      ok then cristiano shoots better messi faster who dribbles better messi(that is, in my opinion, and thats where people usually argue) whos stronger…I dont really know…lets skip this whos better with headers…cristiano(i kno messi scored a great one but cristiano scores more often) the problem is that we cant find whos better like this. I mean is the ability to shoot superior to speed or not?thats what we have to find before we can find whos better.

  39. Murat says

    if anyone says one of them suck they are lying. what people are asking here is which one is better, not which one sucks. they are both very good players, and don't tell me that you wouldn't like to see messi in a real madrid shirt. c'mon, just because he is in barça doesnt mean hes bad. hes improved by lots when compared to the messi last year. on the other hand, i wanna say i see a decline in ronaldos performance. and there is a fact i would like to point out to: ronaldo owes sooo much(more than ppl think) to manu. he performs poorly in the portuguese national team, but world class with manu. have u ever asked yourselves why? ok madrid is filling up with other quality players buy, are they going to play the team play manu did? u guys should hope so. P.S. I don't support any of the teams I mentioned above, nor any other team in their leagues. So don't start swearing. I also don't care if Messi dies or Ronaldo falls into the sewers. Football is for watching.

  40. M RCKS says

    messi is the best no one can say he isn't ronald at the champions leage sucked so bad messi acally did somethng unlike mr free kick who missd every single shot MESSI #1

  41. DARLENE says

    # 1. real madrid "REALLY" needs defenders (and i mean urgent). here is the thing ..they dont want to pay them as well as they do with the strikers..wich is not fair…# 2. i personally think….hahaha…that paris (i mean hollywood and that kinda stuff) is not a good influence in C.ronaldo…come on man get away from her…shes going to ruin you….sorry …no ofence paris…..# 3 he has temper…maybe is not a bad thing..but….i always want to do the goals…damn ….pass the ball# 4. they need someone in the lateral sides that can do the job attacking as well as defending…am i right??#5. they need someone like… Gerrard(liverpool), xavi alonso(liverpool), lampard(chealsea) didier drogba (chealsea..i dont know what he has but i like how he play), robben give this man more minutes…he did it so well in chealse what happened???…….or might be someone like david villa( valencia) el niño torres (atl. madrid) give me some youth…if i still give you names im not going to end soon….#6. i love my ice man …iker casillas ..,hes the only one who havent dissapointed me….but damned he cant do all the job on his own…

  42. Marc says

    The funny thing is that you seems to believe there was actually a chance for Florentino so sign Messi. You know what, the only thing Floro would have get from Messi was his finger in the face. 😛

  43. TO realmadrid43v3r says

    Yes I am gnna be the brave guy and not an idiot to dare reply back and I'm gnna tell u why Messi is better than Ronaldo.And plus I'm gnna comment here as a neutral. If u are askin where was Messi during the clasico of 4-1 I wanna say it wasnt Messi only but the whole team wasnt there and thts coz of influential factors. The fact tht madrid had already won the league b4 tht match and the elimination of barca frm the CL signalling another trophyless year had already killed the competivness of the clasico and it wasnt worth watching as it wuldnt have added or lost anythin.And because of this the barca team which faced madrid had nuthin on their minds but ending the terrible season they had. SIMPLY: THEY HAD NO MOTIVATION AHEAD OF THT CLASICO COZ THEY KNEW THEY WOULDNT GAIN ANYTHIN FRM THT MATCH.Nevertheless Messi was the best Barca player in tht match plus dnt frgt he assisted Henry for the lone goal. But again this is not the match u wuld talk about how the player performed in it coz tht would be stupid to do so. Barca's thrashing of Madrid in the match of 6-2 is where u talk abt a player's mistakes coz I beleive there was still competition in the league and a win for mdrid might have changed so many things. Why didnt u mention the clasico of 3-3 when Messi was just 19 and he scored a hatrick by beating the likes of Cannavaro and Ramos when defence in madrid was given high importance during Capello's tenure.Dnt frgt again tht he is the youngest palyer to ever score a hat-trick in the clasico.Now comes the chelsea semi-final. I'm not gnna talk abt refree errors but wht I want to say tht the chelsea defence were good enough to mark Messi but even tthough he was kept quiet I still think tht he was influential too in Iniesta's goal. If he didnt take advantage of Essiens' error and passed the ball to Iniesta we would have seen a draw in tht match. And just imagine tht thing happened wen there were like 8 chelsea players defending near their goal.I would agree Messi was kept quiet and I didnt like his performances at all during both the legs but at least he tried and he did assist in the desicive goal, moreover the barca players had two matches every week for a long period of time coz of their presence in three competitions whereas on the other hand chelsea only had the CL and fa cup to compete for.This adds to the fatigue.So If Messi was quiet in tht match, where was Ronaldo during the semi finals of manutd vs barca last year?? He was virtually invisible in both the legs except for tht missed penalty. While he was just running around or hiding in both the legs his rival Messi was busy creating chances and caused lots of trouble for man utd's defence. Where was he during both the matches?????? He didnt create chances or tried or even tried assist the lone goal which was scored by Scholes which was a gift frm Zambrotta.To come to ur point of Ronaldo single handely helping man utd to win the EPL this season I will put in frnt a bigger argument. Messi was very influential in barca's treble and tht means he greatly helped his team in snatching all the three titles compare to wht happened this season or last season with Ronaldo.Simply, Messi is a much better player than Ronaldo. Ronaldo cannot survive and cannot shine without diving and begging for non existent penalties while I have never seen Messi being dirty on the pitch. I would rather prefer a player hu can play really well without being dependent on penalties and diving.One more thing, while watching lots of matches I have seen tht Ronaldo never shines wen needed during derbies or important matches. He takes full advantage of teams with weak defenders but where is he wen it comes to bigger matches. Messi is unique in all aspects. Speed, dribbling, ability to break through so many defenders, talent and even his goals r breathtaking.Tell me why do we always see 5 players marking Messi while I rarely see this done to Ronaldo? The answer is simple coz Messi is a bigger threat than Ronaldo.Messi is just as fast as lightning and u shuld admit it rite?Ronaldo goin to Real is nuthin to be happy about infact he will cause lots of problems in the dressing room.Not to frgt tht he is a selfish player havent u seen the CL final match???? I think his selfishness was one of the factors he couldnt get his hands on tht trophy.With Messi scoring two Maradona-like goals,his fantastic speed while breaking through defenders,his impossible goal against Osasuna, his header during the final eventhough he was short and his entertaining style of play and amazing goals all tht and he is still 22 wuld let a person throw Ronaldo's so called talents and his lavish lifestyle like actors behind.

  44. realmadrid43v3r says

    Look at you idiots write "Messi has been better than Ronaldo for three years now" LMAO then where the f#$^ was he last year moron?????????? HUH? WHERE WAS HE LAST YEAR WHEN WE BEAT BARCA 4-1???????????????????To me, most of these people are just glory hunters who started supporting Barca as soon as they won the treble, why? because it's clear they have no knowledge whatsoever. I dare that idiot to reply to me

  45. realmadrid43v3r says

    How the H3ll is Messi better than Ronaldo? You are saying Messi does not rely on his teammates as much as Ronaldo? ROFL hilarious, what games have you been watching? Look how many times Messi does thse "tiki taka" passes before he scores a goal. On the other hand Ronaldo can score with anything from anywhere, can Messi score a goal from 40 yards? keep on dreaming.How many times has Messi scored from a FK spot? How many? because Ronaldo scores FK goals as if they were nothing, same goes with header goals.Now, Ronaldo is also taller and stronger than midget Messi, that is a big advante whether you admit it or not.Cristiano Ronaldo is the main reason Man U have been winning all their titles IMO. I didn't like Ronaldo at all back then but after noticing his last two seasons, you CANNOT question his quality. For example, at the start of the previous season when Ronaldo was out because of his surgery, where was Man Utd at? 10th place or so. Then he came back against Villareal and his first game back he already proved to be the best man of the match. Not only that but he led his team to the 1st place in the premiership. Look at Messi, where was he at last year when we destroyed Barca? was he injured? haha because he was nowhere to be seen. Now, I cannot deny this season he did much better but he's not as big of a difference maker as Ronaldo. Look at the two chelsea games, where was messi at? NOWHERE. One of the reasons why Barca won the champions league was because of Iniesta who's even a much better player than Messi imo. DUring the final champions league game, Ronaldo did EVERYTHING he could for his team to win the cup but unfortunately, the rest of his teammates did not feel the same way. As far as Messi goes, where was he? he only appeared when he scored that random goal IMO. Iniesta was the reason why they won that game, period.If you say Messi is better than Ronaldo you are nuts. Also, to think that you wanted Perez to sign a BARCA player such as Messi instead of Ronaldo angers me, angers me a lot.

  46. fanofmessi says

    ronaldo thinks he is the best but he really isn't , when he does a trick it doesn't beat the defender , the defender is still on him and ronaldo is still at the same place xD , while messi beats the defenders mostly without tricks , he does it with his incedible dribble technique and speed and his smart thinking , the weird thing what i think about messi is that he can beat four powerful defenders pushing en pulling on him , messi is a short little man with way less fysical power than they have , ronaldo has good headers and a good and powerful shot but MESSI IS WAAAY BETTER THAN RONALDO !

  47. Murat says

    I would say Messi's style is more effective while Ronaldo's is a bit more eye-catching (I don't mean I don't enjoy Messi's by the way). But why did you say Ronaldo's personality's better than Messi's? Do you mean going to night clubs? Heh. Messi is a better person (the only bad thing he's done is scoring a hand goal), but he could've chosen getting laid to improving his football, which would've increased his PERSONALITY in your opinion, right?

  48. tommy says

    Messi is by far the best!!! take nothing away from ronaldo he is fantastic at dribbling but messi can do those things but chooses not to thats way he is better, messi is the best player no doutb he player with the team not the team with him and yes messi short but that does not mean he cant be brought down just like ronaldo.Ronaldo is always just looking for that free kick messi gets right back up stills scores in open play. there are only three players in the world that are the best and that is MESSI MESSI MESSI and KAKA comes second.

  49. Qubit says

    Technically Ronaldo is superior to Messi. As Messi's center of gravity is lower, he is not as prone to falling or getting tripped as Ronaldo and while Messi can have a quick change of direction the amount of tricks and the entire repertoire of skills that Ronaldo posseses is by far the best anyone has seen. Messi prefers cutting the ball on either side and has pace to burn in open spaces..while Ronaldo has taken defenders head on and absolutely made a fool of them. It takes more courage and cunning to do step-overs etc. at that level than merely cutting the ball on the side since it's easier for defenders to tackle a guy in full throttle than someone who changes directions. No one argues that Messi is not good but saying Ronaldo is weaker than him only serves to display a complete lack of respect for his immense skill level. Messi dives a lot too when he isnt given space..not to mention he is not a saint on the pitch either. Ronaldo also gives world's best defenders a headache as was seen in Euro2004 .. Euro08 etc. and Ronaldo scores more goals at club as well as national level as a simple comparison between both their ratios [goal per game] would confirm. People also have shut up Messi on field as was seen in many La Liga matches. But Messi is blessed with team-mates like Iniesta (who is actually better than Messi), Xavi, Eto'o and Henry as compared to Ronaldo's teammates who are clearly not at the same level! Even then he takes on teams single-handedly at times. And now that he is at Madrid with Kaka..finally he can show he is no fluke even against La Liga defenders!

    • Hoon says

      We're not talking about who's more couragious in the field, we're talking about who's better overall, and i Would definitely think its MESSI. Ronaldo is good, he can shoot. but yeah, all he does is stepovers, then passes the ball back man. NO VISION. he doesnt go in the defense to make up a play, he just goes in there to try whatever. NO VISION of plays, again. Especially for a winger, since he is a goal scorer, u might as well put him as a center forward, but even then.and he can Euro 2004 and 2008, RONALDO did nothing good. the 2004 one, he just became selfish, and tried scoring, (like champions league) and failed. 2008, don't get me started. TEAM MATES = understanable, but are u saying that Ronaldo's exteammates (rooney, tevez, scholes, carrick, anderson, etc etc) succk right… cuz yeah, we have Iniesta Xavi Etoo Henry, but before the Champions LEAGUE, the story was completely different. United's players are good players cuz (according to most ppl) the english premier league is better than la liga, so what is that. I mean yeah, Spain dominated Euro 2008, and Barca Dominated Champions League (coincidence) (dont get me started on barca-chelsea, cuz same shit with korea 2002 world cup, it just happens). Barca is the best team in the world cuz we got MESSI, INIESTA, AND XAVI. i wouldnt be surprised if messi iniesta or xavi ended up 1st 2nd 3rd (no particular order) but in terms of FUTBOL, this year, ronaldo is not up there.

  50. AltaazD says

    Saying Messi is better than Ronaldo is complete rubbish. If you say Ronaldo is better than Messi, that's complete rubbish as well. You're comparing apples to oranges; some people will prefer one while others the other. How many of you actually realise that C, Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, while being two of the best in the world, bring different ammunition to the pitch? Those who say Messi's better, how many free kicks has he scored? Ronaldo strikes free kicks way better. Those who say Ronaldo's better, how many times have you seen Ronaldo dribble past 4 or 5 defenders and score? Ronaldo can get past 1 or 2 with some great skill but when it comes to blowing past an entire defence, Messi's your player. Who has more flair and the better shot? Ronaldo. Who has a better work ethic, actually tries hard to get the ball when the other team has it and can dribble and pass as well as anyone? Messi If you ask who's a better fit for any team in the world, you'd have to look at their line-up to see exactly what they are lacking because Ronaldo and Messi are both outstanding but provide different ammunition in the field

  51. Logic says

    I completely agree with you. Messi is by far better than C.Ronaldo. He has been for three years now. And now he will easily be fifa player of the year after winning the champions league. He will also get the ballon d'oro. Messi is better individually and collective just like his club Barcelona.

    • spohg says

      you fucking bitch messi is the worst player.. ronaldo is the best.. he had scorre very nice and amazing golas thrn messi in Nepal we all are the fan of Ronaldo most of the people hate messi

  52. RAZAQ says

    Both of them are two different player, messi can hold the ball more than ronaldo but ronaldo can play free kick and more dangerous on air in front of gaol post!

  53. guest - ksa says

    hi .. i respect your opinion , but think of it this way …Ronaldo can do manythings that messi cant..he can score with his right foot,left foot , amazing headers, free kicks, play maker, amazingg dribbller….etc..if you see his goal against porto you will see the difference in what can ronaldo do in comparison to messi … do get me wrong .. messi is such an amazing player… but not better than ronaldo ..thank you

    • Hoon says

      that is one gol my friend. against porto. if you see MESSI'S GOALS, they are not all just SHOTS. they are built up plays where they they ttriangulate. for example, messi has SCORED THOUSANDS OF TIMES where he driblles in the defense, passes it to etoo, etoo just stops the ball for messi. stuff like that, NOT JUST SHOTTING LONG DISTANCE. i mean, actual TEAM BASED FUTBOL.

  54. Geni says

    Fuck of ur Fucking BARCA's
    Ronaldo is the best player which u can ever be able to see…..
    I love MAN Utd…..but whr ever Ronaldo will go he will set tht league on Fire with is unmatchable skilsss
    Messi is good but not as good as Ronaldo…
    So shut the fuck up and get on with life…

    • Ny-mets57 says

      no you *** ronaldo is not good as messi. buddy who has the most goals this season? yeah you should **** look up the stats.

      (Mod Edit: I’ll have to delete your comments if you continue to abuse people. Thanks)

  55. aham says

    messi is a more fair player…to me he is also an excellent ambassador of the game…he embodies it's spirit…you fall,you get back up..you don't weep…and you DO NOT blame other for screwing it up…i don't know if that means much to you guys…the greatest difference is that though they are both good..and they both know they are one of the best and certainly the best of their teams…ronaldo wants his team to play for him…while messi plays for his team…within 30 yards..in a tight situation…ronaldo will shoot…desparate to try and add another to his records…messi will give it to someone better positioned…even though he can make it himself but he won't risk it…he realizes the responsibility to the team…

      • irnes says

        ronaldo is the suckiest player in the world.my grandma plays better than ronaldo with her eyes closed.messi is the new maradona and messi is the best soccer player in the history of soccer.if ronaldo is better,why didnt he score in the finals or scored a goal like messi against getafe (hte maradona goal).

      • bocajrs says

        Your a retard. Maradona is the best player of all time. No one can match the absolute skill he had. Ronaldo does step-overs and can't get by defenders and passes the ball back. Messi can actually beat players and he can score.

        • says

          Well. On current form I do not think Maradonna ever played as well as Messi.The only question that now remains is not whether messi can perform in bigmatches or not (unlike Ronaldo) but can he win the world cup. With thecurrent situation of Argentina, I say, its going to be impossible unlessArgentina also copy Barcelona, as in, just give the ball to Messi and he lldo the rest.

  56. CULER-SOLDIER says


  57. CULER-SOLDIER says


  58. Ronaldo-style says

    I think that Ronaldo is better than messi because his shooting skill are incredible! Ronaldo can score even from 30meter-long distance. Messi can't because he is limited by his phisical skills. Ronaldo is better than Messi in velocity in the spaces (not in agility). Ronaldo can conquer a vacant ball with his dash and power, Messi can't.Ronaldo can score even with a head-shot. Messi can't because he is too short (The final of Champions League was an exception because he hasn't got near a defender!). Maybe they are 2 player too different to be compared, they are both football-prodigy and we can't stabilish witch one is better for real…this is my personal opinion…

    • ------------ says

      shut up striking isnt everyhthing in a player! especially 2 make them the best player.Messi has the whole package:1)skills and i mean skills not that one same trick Ronaldo does. (if no one knows the trick well their dumb and oblivious to soccer)2)STRIKING THE BALL IN THE GOAL. he can do it with his head,feet and yes hand.3)speed oh and i mean speed they call him 'El Conejo' which means rabbit. he is real fast and they can barely knock him down. which leads me to my 4th point.4)NO ONE can get by him. the only way is to foul (which half the time he gets by) and when he gets down he gets right back up its in a flash and running to the goal again!give me good REASONBLY reasons as to why ronaldo is supposedly good.

      • spohg says

        hey you the point you say it describe ronaldo not messi .. messi is my servant and you're the servant of ronaldo.. did you understan you stupid.. i love roaldo more then ny parents

        • galactico says

          "i love roaldo more then ny parents" …thats why u are a idiot… he is going to flop at real madrid.. i am a madrid fan but i dont want him at madrid..kaka is ok but not him..

          • name1111111 says

            Galactico u are an idiot, u dont deserve to be a real madrid fan, CRISTIANO RONALDO is the best, ENOUGH SAID.

        • anton says

          messiiiiiiiii he plays soccer way, and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than mister i'm the best ronaldo, i mean common, am i with normal peaple.the only thing ronaldo has is good looks, messi has soccer in his heart.

        • says

          Dude, come out of fantasy land. He does not even know you. Even if he does, it’s highly likely he won’t be friends with you because all the world wants that.

          On the other hand, your parents helped you grow up with you could not lift a finger, could eat by yourself, basically you could have dies if your parents were not there. You should be grateful to them and not worship Ronaldo or any man because you will be disappointed. Trust me!

    • Hoon says

      you dont know anything about soccer, and you have never watched anything else but Ronaldo's replays.

      • crazycr9 says

        your stupidity is never can be replaced .cr has showed he can kick the ball,very good in important matches, influence to his teammate and master of the setpieces

    • funkygeorgian99 says

      u do understand that shortness dosnt matter in soccer ibrahimovic is tall and has legs that are so long yet he can pull of stuff that ronaldo can messi is short and stocky thats y he has great strength on the ball the goal against getafe showed it cus he had people on his back the whole run down the field and u say that messi got the header because no one was on him well thats cus he made a perfect run. no one could have made the run better and the ball didnt hit him while he was on the ground he hopped a good 2 feet in the air falling backwards put the ball into the opposite side of the net and it was just amazing cristiano ronaldo would never had made that run and puyul shut that motherfucker down VIVA LA BARCA

    • sandip9021 says

      jump in the air so high and maintain the direction,,,it is not so much easy….of course i am talking about messi's this year's champs league final goal…..you comment about shooting…..shooting is seen in every match by every kind of player today…but we all want to see a dribbling sprint……which is done by messi…….long range shots get in the goal unknowingly …….no one can be precise about long shot……..

    • cristiano says

      cristiano is better than all of the football players put together.messi is not upto ronaldo’s class.messi is way to short and not fast and not technically adept like ronaldo.messi should learn from ronaldo

    • Messi says

      Your comment only makes Messi sound all the better… Physically Messi is second best to Ronaldo, but Ronaldo doesn’t suffer from a growth defeciency all his life, unlike Messi. So there you go, Messi who by medical terms, is underdeveloped. Imagine if he wasn’t. He would own the Football World

  59. Defese says

    Messi would be nice but still not as a replacement for Ronaldo but for Kaka. Although the money spent on Ronaldo is ridiculous and he might end up like Anelka, Ronaldo and Messi are not similar players. Kaka and Messi are similar. What we should really be getting are top class defenders like Hierro and Roberto Carlos of the previous era and most of all a good coach like Del Bosque.

    • Abbouditahan says

      go ronaldo bou messi madrid has 9 trophee and fcb has 3 trophee that means ronaldo is better than messi

      • Ny-mets57 says

        your *** ronaldo was bearly with real madrid when madrid won the other trophee. messi has more goals then ronaldo and assiost so you can s*** and if you want ill get the stats for you my friend . (Mod Edit: Please stop cursing. We love your comments but won’t accept abusive language. Many thanks)

      • me-self says

        So? What a childish argument. Messi won 2 trophies at Barcelona while Ronaldo won none at Real Madrid and only one at Manchester.

      • naheek says

        hey  ronaldo only arrived at madrid after they got about 8 trophies so it doesnt matter abbouditahan..messi is far more greater then ronaldo..