5 Reasons Why Messi Is Better Than C.Ronaldo

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Disregarding FIFA, Messi is the best player on planet Earth(and probably Mars too)

Ok. I just thought I would write this so that may be, JUST MAY BE. Florentino Perez reads this and decideds to wait for Messi than to break the bank for Ronaldo (which seems immensely likely though).

There are many reasons why Messi is a better player and I say it again, PLAYER, not PERSONALITY than Ronaldo. Ronaldo is way better than Messi off the court but right now Real Madrid are in need of some serious silverware, Copa Del Rays will not do the job and in my opinion, neither will La Liga, we need Champions League crown. Real Madrid needs the Champions League crown to reclaim it’s status in Europe. Ok, so here we go.

  1. Messi is by far a better thinker than Ronaldo on the field. The plays he makes at Barrcelona are (as rightly said by Theirry Henry) unreal for a 21 year old. He knows how to unlock any defence with slick and fast passing (assuming that on the day, he can’t do it all by himself) and most of all, he anticipates where the defenders are and what are they going to do next. Ronaldo just comes onto the field and starts shooting the heck out of the ball. He wants to dribble defenders the way the coach told him too. I mean, that is by no means a bad thing but in matches like this year’s Champions League final or any tight game in the league where the coach’s tactics are not working, sometimes you have to think on your own like Zidane did and that is why he was able to split 10 men defenses in mere seconds.
  2. Messi is simply better than Ronaldo technically.Messi dribbles instinctively unlike Ronaldo, who always tries different moves which he learns while training. Messi is always watching the defender, waiting patiently for any mistake, lapse in concentration or slight off balance. One mistake and boom, Messi skips past in a flash. This is I think the sole reason why Messi is able to perform where C.Ronaldo fails ie against the big sides with good defenders. World Class defenders are not fooled easily with fancy step overs and the like, they like to play hard and if one is playing like Ronaldo, they just go in and tackle the crap out of that player whereas in case of Messi, Messi’s feet are so quick that he is able to change his direction as soon as he sees the defender coming in with a challenge and he is able to pull it off, more frequently than any other player of the planet.


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