Ronaldo vs Cristiano Ronaldo


Ronaldo Vs Cristiano Ronaldo

There has been a lot of talk about Cristiano being one of the greatest player of all time if Cristiano wins the Euros 2008 winners medal. Ok, now I agree that Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best players in the world right now (though not the best) but we should not all get carried away that quickly and forget legendary names who have performed on the biggest of stages and done everything there is to be done. Names like Ronaldinho, Zidane, Figo and especially RONALDO who are all of the same generation of players as Cristiano Ronaldo or one generation before.

One thing that people forget is that Cristiano Ronaldo’s best performances have come against minor teams in the epl and Champions League. Of the 42 goals( which is a fantastic goal tally no matter if you scored it in a local town club never mind the Epl and Champions League) 7 were off penalties, 4 or 5 were off headers and numerous open goals which just needed a touch from anyone and more often then not that anyone was Cristiano Ronaldo.

He may win the Fifa Player Of the Year award because of numerous reasons but we should not forget that awards are not won for scoring goals, they are won for leading the team in pressure situations and performing, making a difference when it matters most.

Ronaldo performed at the biggest stage of em all, against manchester united in the Champions League

Ronaldo performed at the biggest stage of em all, against manchester united in the Champions League

If the awards had been won for scoring goals then Theirry Henry and Ruud Van Nistelrooy would have been in front of the long queue of players who have won the Fifa Player of the year award. The most important thing that Cristiano has done this season is to win Champions League medal which has further increased his chances of winning these awards this time, also injury to top players like Lionel Messi, Ricardo Kaka and Sameul Eto have helped too.

Cristiano Ronaldo worst performances of the season came in two of the biggest matches there are in a football professional’s career. The Champions League Final and The Champions League Semi-Final , both in which Cristiano Ronaldo missed penalties.

He is smiling now, had Drogba taken the John Terry penalty, things would have been different

He is smiling now, had Drogba taken the John Terry penalty, things would have been different


Thats a another thing that Barcelona was not able to capitalize on Cristiano’s mistake and neither did John Terry when he missed the all important penalty against Manchester United in the Final of Champions League. Just a bit of luck on either of the two occasions in favor of the other team and today nobody would have been talking about Cristiano being in the list of one of the greatest players of all time.

The one player who has been overshadowed by his own doings in Ronaldo, the real Ronaldo, The phenomenon, The Master, The Goal Machine and the Brazillian Brilliant Ronaldo Luis Nazário de Lima. I am going to compare the two (Ronaldo and Cristiano Ronaldo) on the same level as in when Ronaldo was of the same age as Cristiano Ronaldo so that it would be clear to many fans that Cristiano Ronaldo has virtually done very little to be included in the distinguished list of all time great players.

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Jose Mourinho considered Ronaldo a better player than Pele or Maradona in 1997 1998 but Ronaldo himself threw away his legend

Jose Mourinho considered Ronaldo a better player than Pele or Maradona in 1997 1998 but Ronaldo himself threw away his legend

Lets Compare the Awards both these two players won when both were age 23.


(Individual Awards until age 23)

  • FIFA World Player of the Year: 1996 (youngest winner), 1997,
  • World Soccer Player of the Year: 1996(youngestwinner), 1997,
  • European Footballer of the Year (Ballon d’Or): 1997 (youngest winner),
  • Onze d’Or: 1997,
  • IFFHS World’s Top Goal Scorer of the Year:[clarify] 1997
  • UEFA Most Valuable Player – 1998
  • UEFA Club Football Awards: Best Forward – 1998
  • FIFA World Cup All-Star Team: 1998,
  • European Golden Boot: 1997
  • Bravo Award: 1997, 1998
  • Copa América 1999: Top Scorer
  • Spanish League Top Scorer: 1996-1997,
  • Flag of the Netherlands Dutch League Top Scorer: 1994-1995

Cristiano Ronaldo

(Individual awards considering that he wins the Fifa Player of the Year award, European Player of the Year award, Champions League PLayer of the Year Award).

  • Professional Footballers’ Association
    • PFA Players’ Player of the Year: 2007, 2008
    • PFA Young Player of the Year: 2007
    • PFA Fans’ Player of the Year: 2007, 2008
    • PFA Premier League Team of the Year: 2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2007-2008
    • PFA Fans’ Player of the Month: October 2006, February 2007, November 2007, January 2008
  • Barclays Premier League
    • Barclays Player of the Season: 2006-2007, 2007-2008
    • Barclays Player of the Month: November 2006, December 2006, January 2008, March 2008
    • Barclays Golden Boot: 2007-08
    • Barclays Merit Award: 2008
    • Football Writers’ Association Award: 2007, 2008
  • Manchester United F.C.
    • Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year: 2003-2004, 2006-2007, 2007-2008
    • Manchester United Players’ Player of the Year: 2006-2007, 2007-2008
    • Manchester United Goal of the Season: 2007-2008
  • Portugal
    • Portuguese Sports Personality: 2006
    • Portuguese Footballer of the Year: 2007
  • Europe
    • UEFA Team of the Year: 2004, 2007
    • UEFA Champions League Top Scorer: 2007-08
    • UEFA European Championship 2004: Team of the Tournament
    • EuropeanGoldenShoeSoulier d’Or: 2007-08
  • World
    • FIFPro Special Young Player of the Year: 2005, 2006
    • FIFPro World XI: 2006-2007


Also add another 3 FIFA player of the year 2008European Player of the year 2008UEFA Champions League player of the year 2008(there three are yet to be announced by it is probably going to be him)

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Now I know that C.Ronaldo has the longer list of the two but wait a second and count the number of international recognitions C.Ronaldo has, (do not look at the PFA awards and stuff like that, these local awards mean nothing accept that Cristiano is the best in England but hang on a second, we are talking about being the best in the world and being one of the best ever in the world not in England where players like Adebayor score 25 odd goals a season) that add up to at most 9 and Ronaldo had a solid 13.

I do not think that FIFA Young Player of the Year and FIFA special young player of the year award was present when Ronaldo was 22 but still if you look at the list, most of the awards won by C.Ronaldo are local awards that are awarded within England only.

Still I do not intend to prove that C.Ronaldo is not a good player, I just intend to prove that he is not the best player( by talent and performance, he maybe by showboating and goal statistics) in the world, he is one of the best in the world right now and to point out that C.Ronaldo has done nothing to be in the list or to be even considered in the list of all time greats.

Cristiano has to get his head down and keep progressing if he wants to be one of the greats of all time like his idol somewhat did(Luis Figo)

Cristiano has to get his head down and keep progressing if he wants to be one of the greats of all time like his idol somewhat did(Luis Figo)

To further support what I think about Ronaldo vs C.Ronaldo and who was the better player Ihavetwo videos which I want you people to see that when Ronaldo dribbled he went past players after players and when C.Ronaldo dribbles he just goes past one player at max or just drifts wider and wider, does not have the composure neither the finesse to do tricks in the middle of the park like Ronaldo, Zidane and co.

His greatest weapon is his free kick, nothing else( yeah pace too)

His greatest weapon is his free kick, nothing else( yeah pace too)


The second video somewhat also gives another perspective to who is the best player in the world( the quality of the video is not great so if you want to watch it with better quality then visit and put in the search cristiano ronaldo vs messi 2008, the video with time 10 minutes is the one ), C.Ronaldo’s only edge is his mind blowing free kick bombs which he mostly gets in with a ratio of 1 converted of 13.

The Best Video Of Ronaldo !!!Funny blooper videos are here Cristiano Ronaldo Vs. Lionel Messi (2008)Funny home videos are a click away

Now I think after watching these two videos it is clearly understandable that Messi is the world’s best player right now and Ronaldo is one of the greatest of all time, who stands alongside names such as Pele, Maradonna and Zidane. Not to mention Cruyff and Best. Cristiano Ronaldo has a lot more to prove to get his worth alongside Ronaldo.

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Ronaldo had unmatched speed skill and stamina

Ronaldo had unmatched speed skill and stamina


Now some may also argue that in the video above of Ronaldo, he is on most occasions playing at this peak and C.Ronaldo has not reached his peak. If you really want to see what Ronaldo was capable of when he was at C.Ronaldo’s age or even younger search Ronaldo goals barcelona on youtube and watch the first two results. He has scored some amazing goals which at least I have not seen any other player score.

Well I hope Cristiano has not, because as proud as he is of himself, I do not think he is ever going to reach that level. Plus the biggest obstacle that Cristiano has in his way to glory is , that he plays for fame, which at some point in the near future he will achieve if he has not achieved it already.


Doesnt look so humble there, or does he

After that, his motivation will diminish, all great players played for the love of the game and owed loyalty to someone whether that be the fans, the club, the country. Cristiano looks different from all these. Pele played for love of game, loyalty to the club (played his whole career at Santos) and pride of country. Maradonna although played for fame but he also had loyalty to his country and Napoli.

I hope he changes as what I have read from his recent interviews he does not seem to owe loyalty to anyone

He said ” I don’t promise nothing. I don’t promise nothing to my mum, I don’t promise nothing to supporters.”

With that said, there is no doubt that he is currently the most entertaining player in the world. I would pay just to watch him train , never mind playing a match but I think he should not betray the trust Alex Ferguson had put in him when the whole of England wanted him out and nobody wanted to buy him. I still remember Manchester United putting C.Ronaldo up for sale for 15 million pounds after the World Cup and nobody bought him.

I wish somebody had, as Real Madrid are now desperate to break bank for him. I am a Real Madrid fan but I do not want to see C.Ronaldo on Real Madrid squad from a sporting point of view, from marketing point of view , I would buy him, he is priceless.

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  1. Robbiabdullah says

    just remember this guys, in R9 times not many people have access to T.V and stuff, nowadays CR7, kids of this generaton have access to it so CR7 are known well. But remember this guys! R9 IS a legend and you know what :) Legend Never Dies, so even if CR7 gets more vote than R9 we all know simply R9 is the best.

  2. tariq says


  3. Jmjmadison says

    whoever wrote this article is stupid. R9 is retired his career is over. give CR7 time. gurantee you he will be one of the greatest

  4. Zalpalemus says

    This Article Is More Than Comparing The 2.I Feel Like CR9 Is Attacked And Ronaldo Is Not Treated Equally.The 2 Players R Both Great At What They Do,They Have Different AND Unique Styles Of Play That R NOT Comparable,The Only Things Comparable R,What They Won In Their Careers.Though I Do Agree Some Of The Things CR9 Has Done And Won With MAN U R Outlandish And Local.The Only Things CR9 Has Never Won Is ANYTHING GOOD With His National Team But He Still Has Time,And Ronaldo Being In Huge European Clubs For 14 Years NEVER Won The European Cup Or The South American Cup 4 That Matter.Ronaldo Has Also Stated That He Will Retire In December,And CR9 Still Has 10+ Years (at the most) Until He Retires.I Personally CAN NOT Compare Them,Just That Ronaldo Is 1 Of The Best I Have EVER SEEN AND HE IS A LEGEND,And I Think A GREAT Football Player Is 1 Who Can Win Good Cups/Trophies With CLUB AND COUNTRY AND HAS THEIR NATURAL ABILITY With The Football.And I Hate 2 Say That CR9 Has Won Club Cups BUT He STILL Has NOT WON ANYTHING With The Portuguese National Team.And It Can Cause CR9 2 NOT 2 Stand With The Football Legends Of 2day AND In The Future.

  5. ab says

    this is just like comparin an elephant with a rat on a scale………… R9 is probably the greatest thing soccer has ever seen!!!! PERIOD.

  6. Tote_mj23 says

    With Ronaldo the LEGENd is leaving football for good after his last season with the corintians…

    when i hear this announcemet i was IN SHOCK…

    a living legend of football is leaving football..

    i personally when the day comes i will cry just for the simple fact that the best..i would say there wont be another one in a 100 years like RONALDO LUIZ NAZARIO DE LIMA…

    He was the choosen one by God to show the spitirt of football, the glamour of football, the passion and love for football,

    im thankfull with God for having the change to witness THE REAL RONALDO, the best in the world and galaxies,,

    He is and he will always be remember as OUR hero the one who made us cry, jumpo of our seats, and scream GOALLLLLLLL

    THnk u ROnaldo for everythingl…..


  7. says

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  8. says

    When I stumble upon a great blog post I usually do three things:1.Forward it to the close contacts.2.keep it in all my best social sharing sites.3.Make sure to visit the same site where I came accross the article.After reading this article I am really concidering doing all of them.

  9. Mikeboonz says

    c.ronaldo better then any english international. becks shearer and any one else that ever wore english colours fact live with it wankers.

  10. Ronaldo Fan says

    Cristiano may be able to feed some people's appetite, but not for me. It has gotto be the real Ronaldo for my appetite. Just like fish burger vs Big Mac, some ppl will satisfy with just a simple fish burger, but some of us would need more to satisfy. If fish burger is good enough for you, just stay with the fish burger, you would probably just missed some tenderness of the beef which others would crazily crave for…

  11. Sycamorearsenal7 says

    The 2 best players ever are Pele and the real Ronaldo. Case closed. He earned all of his goals!

  12. Noname says

    Lolz.. I didn't knew that people can be so dumb that they start calling someone like C. Ronaldo with Ronaldo.

  13. kdogfdhg says

    first and foremost wingers arent there to score. Yeah they should score atleast 10 a season but they are primarily there to assist. Cr9 not only assists but scores . So for a winger that is a great record 22 from 65/ There are strikers like henry that have a much worst ratio. You all think that wingers are there to score but that is only becoz cr9 is such a great goalscorer, he makes u think that. In all the wingers in history no one has has a better goal scoring record than cr9, not best or garrincha.

  14. dan_x1000 says

    I 100% absolutely positively agree with you that Christiano Ronaldo is VERY overhyped. No one beats the real RONALDO. I think Ronaldo Luís Nazário was in a league of his own. The only reason there is so much hype regarding Christiano is because of the English media, and where he was playing for Man U. At this time, Fergie knew that Ronaldo Luís Nazário had already made the Ronaldo name, and that's when he mentioned that the new player in his team was the new Ronaldo and they new best player in the world. It's ludicrous!

  15. dan says

    I 100% absolutely positively agree with you that Christiano Ronaldo is VERY overhyped. No one beats the real RONALDO. I think Ronaldo Luís Nazário was in a league of his own. The only reason there is so much hype regarding Christiano is because of the English media, and where he was playing for Man U. At this time, Fergie knew that Ronaldo Luís Nazário had already made the Ronaldo name, and that's when he mentioned that the new player in his team was the new Ronaldo and they new best player in the world. It's ludicrous!

  16. owenskiy says


  17. aditya_ronaldo says

    i just read a post from sum guy named Josh shit… U rock man… what in the world r u explaining basic football skills here ??If u think just by knowing these basics u know the beauty of the game football, then u suck…U think there were great players to support Ronaldo Phenomenon… Hav u ever seen any league apart from that EPL shit ?? I guess the only team u know apart from EPL teams is Real Madrid…firstly go and watch Roanldo's matches when he was in Cruzeiro, PSV, barcelona and Inter… were there any players to be compaed to Zidane, Figo, Beckham to support him ?? answer is NO… Also when he had players like Zidane to support him he had great defenders to stop him too… u just think one side of the coin…Now ur ridiculous point which tells that ronaldo did all those things just coz he was in Brazillian national squad…So at the WC2006… What did ur gay bitch CR7 do ?? were portugal not there in semi finals ?? why didn't they win ?? The answer is "they lost coz there was nothing like Ronaldo in that Team.."get a life dude… n don't ever try to show off ur theoretical knowledge about basics of football… i guess u play (or a wanna be player of) some local football team in contry like india…u say that beating the marking defender is so easy and once u beat him (without the ball i say) all u need to do is to go, collect the ball, and put it inside that net… as simpple as that… what a sloppy thinking… Dude u don't know a bit a of football… I personally play as forward for my local team… and as said by the experienced players.. Forwards have the least time to show what they've got as compared to any breed of the midfielders… midfielders heve much time to get settled with the ball….also have u seen any Ronaldo's headers ?? especially when he was in Real madrid ?? they were awesome man… n R9 can do all these things better than that CR….Dude just get up and go for sprints..well that is much easier said than done…Taking 2 3 strong defenders on body and running with the ball from half line towards the goal is not a joke… i bet if CR7 tries to do that he'll be sitting on the ground with hands raised, complaining to the referee about the harsh tackle… CR7 is a shit.. as compared to Ronaldo… no doubt CR7 is a good player.. but can't b a legend like Ronaldo….as sumone said earlier… CR7 got all this hype just coz he had name RONALDO written on his jersey… n its 100% true…Once a great player u r not always a great player… but once a a legend.. u r always a Legend… n thats what Ronaldo is… Mind Well….Just wait n watch WC 2010… Ronaldo will come back and and will prove that there is only one Ronaldo and its Ronaldo Luiz nazario De Lima…. He has all the spirit to define the game…Don't forget he won his 2nd world cup title after recovering from that shitty career ending injury… n thats the reason why people compare that shitty kid to Our GOD Ronaldo…U'll see many players reaching the Top… but u'll never find any player who once fell down to the ground from top in his prime with a broken leg reaching the top again… n thats what makes Ronaldo the Greatest of all time… An ambassador of UNICEF… great work to help decrease poverty in d world.. did ur CR did a pinch of this ?? remember my words.. "It takes moe than a pair of quick feet to be a Soccer Legend"…

  18. abdiahmed says

    man the english make me laugh they love epl so much they don't know bout football, listen there are tiers in football of how good a player is ronaldo, zidane pele and only maradona are the player considered to be in tier 1 beacuse they have achived more than any of the other players in the history of football. tier 2 is players like figo, ronaldinho, george best, eusibio, henry, crufyt ect tier 3 is players like messi who is almost tier 2, gerard, drogba and c ronaldo who along with gerard is almost tier 2 tier 4 is players like beckham, lampard, deco and the likes of van nistelroy then tier 5 is other players that player in all the top flights and just player decent fooball aprt from the top tier all the other tiers have alot more similar players that can be added like in tier 2 u can also add romario and rivaldo but in tier 1 those are the greatest players of all time and anyone who knows about football knows this ronaldo vs ronaldo is comparable just by seeing wat was achieved by each at the age of 23, ronaldo 2 fifa awards c ronaldo 0, ronaldo all the top awards c ronaldo acouple of top awards and the rest awards u can only win in the english league n josh u chat shit mate

  19. kdogfdhg says

    Ronaldo was great and so is cr9 i mean how many wingers can score 40+ let alone strikers. Da reason why rnaldo performs on da international stage more is coz he plays for brazil and has a near perfect squad cr9 doesnt wif portugal and how das ronaldo flunk in finals. he was da only man u player to perform well in da 2009 ucl final and scored in da 2008 final. he is da reason why mman u hav been in 2 champions league finals. ronaldo never won a ucl . So dont be biased ronaldo has never once flunked in any final he scored in da fa cup league cup and ucl final

    • Belija says

      Ronaldo as a 17 year old kid scored 42 goals in 46 full appearances for PSV eindhoven plus another 17 international goals for brazil.. 59 goals in one season.. did he have Zidane, Beckham and others to support him on the pitch then? No.. he has ordinary teammates he was great because he is Ronaldo.. the Ronaldo at Real Madrid was nowhere near his best after years of injuries at Inter.. and yet still managed to remain at the best of the best during and after the 2002 world cup..I can give a million reasons why Ronaldo is much better, but I don't see the point, or the point of this article because the bottom line is any person who truly knows about football past and present, will agree that its ridiculous to compare Cristiano Ronaldo to Ronaldo de Lima.

      • kdogfdhg says

        ronaldo is a better striker because cristiano ronaldo is a winger and for the past 3 seasons it was cr9 who helped man u win 3 epl titles in a row and get in 2 ucl finals. ronaldo just just one league in 02/03. ronaldo is better but cr9 is definitely comparable and he is in da start of his career virtually like i said start comparing wen cr9 retires and lets compare what they hav won and dun then. ronaldo de lima has been in 4 world cups. cr9 has been in 1 he still has many more chances to win it and its even better when he is getting better every season. ronaldo scored 42 for psv which was a great achievement at dat age and 47 for barca which was even better, but cr9 scores 42 for man u and dnt forget he is a winger. winger will be lucky to score 15 a season cr9 scores more than da best current striker. dat is what makes him so great. real hav been winning lately coz of cr9 he has scored 6 goals in 4 matches and remember he is a winger not a forward dat is what makes him so great. ronaldo is better but cr9 still has 10 years to prove he is better. cr9 is definietly comparable to the original though.

    • mani_k says

      To all those who keep saying cr7is a winger and for a winger to score 42 is astonishing bla bla bla. The only reason he was scoring that many goals was because man utd didn't exactly have a striker who was scoring those goals, ronaldo had a free role up front. Why didn't he score that many goals when van nistelrooy was there?

    • Dileep says

      I agree that he is a winger in man utd and Portugal.Last season, he scored 42 goals also.For national team also, he is playing as a winger only.There he did n't score that much goals.He scored 22 from 65 matches. Why? if he is a world class player, and a winger with good scoring capacity, why he is not performing like that for his national team.Don't tell that Portugal is not a good team.In portugals last 10 matches, he scored only one goal(penalty).He was present in their team for those 10 matches(excluding last 2 play-off matches).What a great player he is….?

      • kdogfdhg says

        first and foremost wingers arent there to score. Yeah they should score atleast 10 a season but they are primarily there to assist. Cr9 not only assists but scores . So for a winger that is a great record 22 from 65/ There are strikers like henry that have a much worst ratio. You all think that wingers are there to score but that is only becoz cr9 is such a great goalscorer, he makes u think that. In all the wingers in history no one has has a better goal scoring record than cr9, not best or garrincha.

        • memyselfeandi says

          Who told u that Cristiano is a pure winger, it seems as if u dont know the role cristiano was playing at ManU and what hes is playing at Real. The whole ManU game was set up for Cristiano to score goals, it was easier (not saying that scoring goals is easy in general) but it was more easier for him to do so as he always came from behind where no defender had him on account. i totally agree, scoring 42 goals in a season as a so-called ´winger´ is amazing but u seem to forget rooney, giggs and others in the ManU team that opened up spaces and oportunities for him to have those chances. If u take tme to watch a game of ManU at that time u can see that Cristiano and ronney almost changed positions which favored the latter and at the end the team. Secondly, Cristiano had at most 3 years where he did something in football and only one year in which he really was outstanding, 2008! besides that it was the media that pulled him up not at last the (sorry to say) stupid Real Madrid bid of 94ml. Im not talkin about a single season its about an entire career and convincing individual peformances on the highes level of footballs greatest compititions. Cristiano is a skillfull, entertaining and very good player but you just cant compare him to Ronaldo de Lima… not in speed, not in stamina, not in intelligence, not in efficiency, not even in technique… period!

          • kdogfdhg says

            What I hate though is that people say cr9 is crap, what has he done to be compared to ronaldo. Firstly ronaldo's career is over, and now You gotta compare cr9 to ronaldo when they have both retired to compare them fairly. People say ronaldo has won 2 world cups, yeah but he tried at 4 different ones. cr9 has only been at 1 world cup, so to be fair u gotta wait till he has retired. Anyways cr9 at madrid so far has scored 14 goals in 15 matches. He is living up to his price tag

          • Edmonddedvukaj says

            i agree that we have to wait until the career of cr9 is over, but stupid ppl are saying that he is the best of all time and this is very insulting for legends like ronaldo, pele , maradona , zidane

          • kdogfdhg says

            What I hate though is that people say cr9 is crap, what has he done to be compared to ronaldo. Firstly ronaldo's career is over, and now You gotta compare cr9 to ronaldo when they have both retired to compare them fairly. People say ronaldo has won 2 world cups, yeah but he tried at 4 different ones. cr9 has only been at 1 world cup, so to be fair u gotta wait till he has retired. Anyways cr9 at madrid so far has scored 14 goals in 15 matches. He is living up to his price tag

  20. Murat says

    Everybody seems to have opinions about players, but can they enjoy? What I try to say is we think too mathematically. For me, watching Giggs' goal vs Arsenal in the FA Cup semifinal, or Beckham's freekick, or Zidane doing his little trick, were orgasmic. But watching a 2.League player mesmerize defenders feels the same. I don't care if the defenders aren't good enough, cause it looks good and that's what matters for me. Period.

  21. akmaal says

    C.Ronaldo is very good player. He is one of the best in the world now but Ronaldo is one of the in the history of football 1.Pele 2. Maradona 3.Ronaldo 4. Becenbauer 5. Zidane. The isn't just a legend he is the PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPhenomenon Yeah. For me he is best ever. I know he will be in the world cup 2010 he will back again and everyone will see who is Phenomenon like in 2002 FLASHBACK!!!!!!!!

    • NINA says

      Well said. I don't know if these guys here are all blind by jeoulosy or what, as Cristiano Ronaldo was praised recently, not by the public, but by several international coaches, after real madrid's win over villareal, that he is the kind of player who makes a difference whenever he plays.SO ALL OF YOU PLEASE JUST STOP COMPARING HIM WITH RONALDO, RONALDO IS THE PAST, HE WAS GOOD BUT DIDNT LAST, NOT LIKE PELE, C RONALDO IS THE FUTURE AND HE IS PLAYING AMAZINGLY AND HE IS A COMPLETE PLAYER, HE IS A PHENOMENON.

      • akmaal says

        Hey lady nobody is comparing them, everybody are just saying RONALDO is the best and he is THE PHENOMENON not A phenomenon like Cristina okay?!

  22. danielde says

    josh: r u english? if so then it more than explains ur answer, people i have lived in london 19 years of my 22 years, and let me tell u without meaning to sound racial.but the english dont know about football, thier national team implies that with thier overrated players,and thier laughable expectations to win things, in 2006 they were certain to win the world cup, lol,and then they didnt even qualify for euro 2008,they try to compare micheal owen to ronaldo luis in 98, and then rooney to pele in 2006, when the english reporter asked deco before the portugal vs england game ' do u see any similarities between rooney and pele?', deco felt like laughing answered ' pele is a all time great legend, while rooney is young he still has to prove himself', they won one lukcy devious 1966, and they think theyve seen it all cos they saw- bergkamp,henry,cantona,zola etc.. great players indeed, one question dont u ever find it weird ur super henry was always second fiddle behind zidane? ur super zola was always behind baggio, beppe signori,vieri and del piero? ur cantona was kicked out of the french team cos they wanted zidane? cos u see as great as they were, there were better players that looked down at ur league,get it? i mean look at cristiano he was begging u to let him join real, anyway cristiano ronaldo being compared to ronaldo is like comparing a lion and a cat in a fight.

  23. leonardo says

    i totally agree with becker b. figo, maradona, pele and ronaldo specially are the best of all times for their extraordinary skills and cristiano ronaldo will never be at the level they are were….but i disagree when u said that c. ronaldos skills from a sporting point of view wouldnt be worth seeing in madrid. i think he has a tremendous stamina, speed and has an excellent shooting potency and accuracy much greater than any other player that madrid has at the moment.but again you are right he's very good but he's done nothing as impressive as the legends and go madrid!!!!!

    • leonardo says

      by the way josh u should check on you tube when ronaldo had 3 penalties on a brazil vs argentina world cup qualifiers match he scored 3 goals from penalty kicks in the same game.

      • belija says


  24. josh says

    this is the dumbest article ever..i dont understand why people are comparing the two? ronaldo is obviously the better player of the two..hes proven himself on the club stage as well as international stage..but then you have to realize that the supporting cast for the two players are completely differentronaldo: at real madrid, he had zidane who was able to get him the ball anytime he wanted, he just had to get in a good running it that hard? he had to get a split second advantage over a man-marking defender and with his speed its game over.. he had beckham who could pick him out from any set piece that he wasnt going to take himself..he had figo who could beat any defender in the world and get the pass to him in the center.. for brazil, he had friggin ronaldinho..enough said, dont u think? i read in someones reply that ronaldinho is 2nd tier? clearly this person doesnt play soccer or is just following the big names…maybe he/she should go watch the replays when brazil won the world cup, or even barcas kaka and ronaldinho in the center for brazil, able to control the flow and get the ball up to ronaldo…clearly, this is a fantasy setupcristiano ronaldo: for united..he has..who? carrick, fletcher, giggs, scholes, anderson, and park in the middle…these players are all incredible, dont get me wrong..they are all on the first team for their national teams currently (look it up on official game day match reports)..but honestly, none of them can compare with ronaldinho for portugal..he has the aging deco..again, while an amazing player himself, not even comparable to ronaldinho, when ronaldinho was at his prime at barca and case anyone is wondering, i am a man utd fan..i was dumb enough to pay 100 dollars for an authentic jersey with ronaldos name on it bc of how proud i was/am of him for his accomplishments with utd..more for c. ronaldo-some said that he only had goals in front of open nets..yes, he had several where all he had to do was poke in the ball..hell he even poked the ball in the net once while facing the wrong way..some said that he had a ton from headers, on balls where he only had to get glancing touch..thats the beauty of headers, my pathetic friends..also, some people dont realize how hard headers to judge the ball, spinning and dipping in the air, account for someone in front of them and anticipate where the ball will be after that person changes the balls trajectory, how to remove all fear of physical contact in want of the heading goal..heres some physics guys..getting rocked while youre in the air will send u the physical type of game play in the epl where ur guaranteed to get rocked from the back, get a elbow in ur ribs, etc, to be able to just focus purely on the ball is incredible…some of u will respond, sure just forget about the physical shit, just get up and head the ball..well that is much easier said than done..those who actually play the game, at the competitive level, or hell, at any level excluding gentle friendly play , will know what i mean..theyll know how mentally strong ronaldo had to have been to do thatholy shit this is a long post..but i feel like i have one more thing to say..and its to those who are replying without the tiniest bit of clue as to what the hell they are talking about..i feel like those people are talking about soccer after watching fucking youtube..they watch "the best of ronaldo" or "the best of c. ronaldo" and see the cute little toe pokes of c ronaldo, his powerful free kicks, his pinpoint accurate headers…and compare that to ronaldo's incredible runs and finishes..heres something to think about..that stuff doesnt happen all the damn time..c. ronaldo doesnt toe poke all the time, he doesnt score "fluke" headers all the time, and he surely doesnt score his intense free kicks all the time..he makes many runs, ones where he dribbles up the wings and goes straight for goal, and also, ones where he cuts inside along the 18, and blasts one..likewise..ronaldo doesnt have his runs with his spins and his cute little kicks over the head of the goalie running sure hes had some penalties, some toe pokes, garbage goals too…for a forward…im actually really confident in saying that these are the stats for goals for world class forwards/wingers header: 10-20% depending on his height, preferences, etctoe pokes: (aka garbage goals, goals inside the 18, or even the 6):60%"other phenomenal shit"- (in "other shit" i am including free kicks, dribbles): 30%again, this is for the world class players such as ronaldo, c. ronaldo, torres, etc. basically, my point is that it is unfair to say that c. ronaldo had those penalties and garbage goals, and ronaldo had amazing ones..

    • belija says

      I have watched nearly every game ronaldo has played in since he signed for inter milan and still follow his career to this day.. he is a football great period. Though i admit i havent watched C. Ronaldo play as much ive seen many games on tv and Ive seen dozens of his videos on youtube and I can say that judging by that he is nowhere near the hype the media gives him.. First of all.. he is not that fast.. he also has a clumbsy sprinting technique.. runs like a chicken and his arms arent much in use.. compared to the brazilians which emulates a professional sprinter.. Just passing the ball to the brazilian was like the team already did half of a goal.. Ronaldo was much faster and stronger on and off the ball he was a powerhouse.. Ronaldo has time and time again taken on entire defences from centre feild and scored on his own since he was a teen.. whenever cristiano ronaldo goes on a run he rarely takes on several defenders and scores by himself. in fact i dont think he has done that yet.. Cristiano either loses the ball.. falls and bounces off oposition clumbsily and wins a free kick.. then blames his teamate all the time.. cristiano ronaldo is a very good player.. but in every aspect maybe besides freekicks.. brazilian ronaldo easily outshines him.. im insulted comparing this kid to a legend..

    • Dileep says

      For me CR7 is christiano. He is C only 7.Who was there in inter when ronaldo was there? Who was there in Barca when he was there?(Figo,Kaka,Zidane,Bechkam).Can you point out.Do anyone think that Man utd s mid field is bad or average?Christiano is a selfish player. More than that he is a good actor too….(We saw his acting in world cup against eng).No other player was in good form when he got the world footballer of the Year award.This is not the case for Ronaldo.At that time great players like Figo,Zidhane were in good form.When he won the world footballer for the first time, he was in PSV (and Barca; half yr in psv and another half in Barca) a club in dutch league. That means his performance was good enough that the Fifa was observing a player in Dutch league(not in EPL,SPANSIH,ITALY,FRANCE,German). When Christiano got the same award, he was with one of the top club in england.Not a single opponent was there(by considering the players form).VotesChristiano ——935 votesMessi———-678Torres—–203In 1996Ronaldo———329George wheh—–140Alan Shearer—–139Mathias———–109Clinsman—-54In 1997Ronaldo——-489Carlos–48Berggramp–ZidhaneRaulDelpieroDavid sukerBatistuta2002Ronaldo———384Oliver Khan—–171Zidane———141Carlos———-113Rivaldo———92Raul————90Ronaldo the Great, Christiano the worst

  25. virgilio says

    we cannot compare RONALDO WITH cristiano ronaldo…..but if we did then the probability of RONALDO being greatest player would be one i.e. P(RONALDO the best) = 1and the probability of cristiano ronaldo being the best would be ZERO i.e.P(cristiano ronaldo the best) = 0so then there is only one "Ronaldo" and brazil's RONALDO IS THE ONLY RONALDO!!!!

  26. Shady says

    Those who can influence the big stages are seen as thhe best in the world, such as Zidane in 98, Ronaldo in 02, Cannavaro in 06. C. Ronaldo has scored some great goals, don't get me wrong, but, until he picks up a world cup or even a european cup, then he'll never be remembered as an all time great. Not that it matters but also, C. Ronaldo is skinny muscle, of course he is gonna be fast, anyone who is skinny muscle will be fast such as Henry. But Ronaldo was a big player, he has never been skinny but he could outpace the fastest of defenders. He was a freak and his actual skill to get past players was amazing, C. Ronaldo takes on one player, IF he beats him he might take on another or pass the ball but most of the time gets tackled before he does so. In 10 years time, we'll still be talking about the Brazilian Ronaldo rather than the imatator.

    • numb says

      i don't see how you compare the best player ever(ronaldo) with some pretty boy who can't but dancing in front a ball..and even his moves are not creative comparing to his masters….ronaldo have done a lot in age of 18……this pretty boy didnt perform well in any of memoribale games.and we all remember his low performance against barca in the same time when messi was producing magic so please be realistic and don't the legends to this boys…… if cr7 has the half injuries that ronaldo has.he will be in paris modeling for some underwear company..;)

  27. Robert says

    I htink in order to be called a legend and one of the all time great ones you have to win internationally not just locally. that is the difference between the phenom Ronaldo and C. Ronaldo. I have never seen C. Ronaldo do anything with portugal and Ronaldo won TWO world cups and is the all time leading gaolscorer. Lets see with time if C. Ronaldo can become a world cup winner i doubt it.

    • Truthful says

      Original R9 made himself and then broke himself and has himself to blame. Another thing r9 played for Brazil, are you telling me if R9 played for India, he would have won them the world cup, what a load of bull. He had players around him that lead to world cup titles, this wasn't a solo effort…R9 striker, cr7 midefielder uncomparable…R9s career is over, cr7 has just begun, if you do want to compare then do so after cr7 career is over….pointless debating about it now.

  28. andinho says

    yes c. Ronaldo is good, but he is nothing compared to Ronaldo.When Ronaldo was at a young age no body could stop him.He would take on any defender that got in his Path. no matter how many defnders got in his way he would take them out. That was not a problem for him.

  29. simon says

    Its not even close….Ronaldo phenomeno was way better at 20-23 than c.ronaldo is currently. There really was no clear cut best player this year c.ronaldo won because of his club accomplishments. When Ronaldinho won his first award he neither won the champions league nor the la liga. Thats the definition of a true champion. They are so good that even without winning it all they are proclaimed to be the best in the world. As far as skill ronaldinho with barca is lighty years away from c.ronaldo currently. Messi is really the only threat .

  30. Persianboy says

    I love this article, It's all true!!I'm a big fan of the Phenomenon, the TRUE Ronaldo. Luis nazario is the best ever, still he managed to recover very well from his several injuries through his career. He deserves every hype about him.

  31. Digvijay says

    thatz a gr8 article u hav written frnd….. I always knew that ronaldo is the real hero. He is an outstanding player in the history of football n willl always be….he is a team player where as CR plays a lotz of self game. If we compare the first touches of both the two we can easily make out dat who is better….A striker has always a lesse time than a winger to control the ball n den he also has to finish which i think ronaldo did it brilliantly…CR cant even think of becoming the next ronaldo

    • shamshudeenali says

      I agree CR is rubbish if you watch the 42 fluke goals you will understand the difference in class between luiz ronaldo and CR cause about 85% of his 42 were tapped in a open goal 10% headers 2.5%free kicks which means his conversion rate was very poor 2% .5% individual which proves he is a pack of hog shit

      • Digvijay says

        Ver y well said frnd….CR is just a bloody pissing fool…..he doesnt know when to dribble n when to pass….if u r following the EPL then just hav a look…CR dribbles agaist the teams like Fulham, WH, n then also he is not able to cut more than 2…where as when he tries his bullshit tricks against good teams…it looks as if defenders are playin wid him.

        • AHmad says

          listen hear guys, i am a man. united fan and i fully agree with borris Becker and some others here, as united fan i like CR7, but honestly this debate should not even exist because in my eyes there s only one truly champion and legend in history of football and that guy is a phenomenon called Ronaldo Luiz Nazario da Lim…people overrates CR7, and honestly the reason people get known CR7 was because he had Ronaldo on his name…and you cant compare these two because CR7 only is good against teams like Fulham, WIgan, Bolton etc. in big stage he is notin…on the hand Ronaldo destroyed great teams like United by himself.remember the unforgettable hat-trick in Old Trafford. at age of CR7 Ronaldo won 2 best player and 1 world cup + final 1998…Ronaldo is an alltime great and CR7 is only a 3-tier as Deepish sayed. Ronaldo could have been voted the greatest ever had it not been his injuries.

  32. Borris Becker says

    I am going to agree with Deepesh a little bit. Ronaldo isn't the outright greatest player of all time. He would have been had he not got injuries in his prime, but thats something legends do go through.

    He still can make it big time.

  33. deeepesh says

    the stats are4 great.c ronaldo is the worst kind of player you'll ever come across.he is a mean & selfish player.he plays for cant compare him with luiz ronaldo.i think ronaldo[the brazilian]is the best player ever.he is a sporting god.nobody in the world knows ronaldo except for european countries.but any person who knows about the game only knows about one player and that is ronaldo.{brazilian}

  34. kaise says

    my brother doesn;t know what he is saying c ronaldo is the best i am 11 and want to like him but when they played barcelona i think messi ripped him and did more skill

  35. says

    Wonderful stats given there by abdi which I think settles this, I have seen each and every barcelona goal that Ronaldo scored that season, and i can tell you, if you put 90 percent of them in seperate season, his goals would win the goal of the season each time

  36. abdi ahmed says

    players like Zidane, Ronaldo, Pele and maradona are first tier players which c ronaldo wants to be then you have second tier players like goerge best, ronaldinho, romario cruyff etc, c ronaldo is a third tier player who apsires to be great yet he can't achieve his goals because he can't play real football like players of the past or the players i watch today like messi, robinho and so on and so fourth as a teenager i get pissed when c ronaldo gets credit for the simple skills he may do in a match or for scoring 42 goals in which over half where cheap and players like ronaldo score 48 in 52 for psv and 47 in 49 for barcelone the folling year at the age of 20

  37. Borris Becker says

    Very well said abdi, thats what I am trying to tell the people that C.Ronaldo is one of the best player in the world today, not the best, Ronaldo was the best in the world for about 3 to 4 years by a country mile.

  38. abdi ahmed says

    Ronaldo is one of the greatest players of all time c ronaldo is what i consider a good player but never a great player people overate c ronaldo because they see him all the time and its true when ronald was 20 he won player of the year then he didn't again in the next year but c ronaldo still hasn't won it at the age of 23

  39. says

    Yes that is true, but i did not say that he is no good, i just said he is not the best . Ronaldo, when he was at Barcelona scored individual goals, made, created and scored all by himself.

    Can you give a reference where cristiano has scored a complete individual apart from free kicks, I think it ll be one or two from his 42, and watch the video i referred to of Ronaldo on youtube, all his goals are picture perfect.

    I dont think Cristiano is a, what we call a midfielder or a winger. he plays at random positions all the time, he is more like a 'behind the striker role' player.

    • Murat says

      ''I dont think Cristiano is a, what we call a midfielder or a winger. he plays at random positions all the time, he is more like a 'behind the striker role' player.'''more like a trequartista, you say? Definitely agree. As he doesn't track back at all. I personally hate him but wtf, I don't care.

  40. raysagres says

    Ronaldo (brazil) is a center forward the goals posts are in front of him all the time,and look at who is he surronded by thes best technical players on thi earth who constantly supply him the ball. CR7 PORT. is a midfielder,right and left winger who has to create most of his chances and his suppoting cast is nothing compared to the brazilian Ronaldos. Take CR7 and put him with the same cast ronaldo had there is no doubt with his foot speed,size,aerial game,pinpoint crossing,powerfull shot with both feet which puts trmendous effect on his shots there is no doubt that he is tops, all of your facts and awards mean nothing to discredit Cr7 unless you provide him with the same supporting cast that RONALDO the Brazilian had ta his disposal. Many of us who have been watching CR7 grow since he was thirteen years old are aware of the work that this young wizzard has put in that made him the best at every age level till now know that the PEARL of the ATLANTIC CR7 is on the verge of reaching his goal which to make his mark in the game and become one of the best.

    • Sycamorearsenal7 says

      You know Ronaldo played for a club team too. Right?!?! Did you watch the video?!?! He's the greatest dribbler EVER!!