Why Modric Is More Essential To Real Madrid Than Bale or Ronaldo


A sad reality of football is that only players who score goals get proper recognition. From World Player of the Year awards to Great Of All Times debate nominations, they always, exclusively, include player who attack and attack well. When was the last time you asked a guy about the greatest player of all time and he came up with an answer that was a defender or even a midfielder? I don’t know too many people who would come up with Roberto Carlos or Paul Scholes as their greatest player of all time. Ask anyone about their top five players in the world (without even mentioning which position) and the answer is more likely to be Messi, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Neymar, Bale (this is just a random list, yours obviously would be different apart … [Read more...]

Bale,Ronaldo,Benzema,James: How Real Madrid Destroyed Betis

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Barcelona won their game 1-0 (again). Messi missed a sitter and did not score. Real Madrid scored five against a weak and rather pathetic Real Betis who just gave in to the pressure that comes when you are at the white house. The only downside to this weekend was that Ronaldo did not score. And I am sure it’s not just me, Ronaldo looked visibly pissed off even though Real Madrid were winning 5-0. Real Madrid did not have much to do in this match aside from scoring beautiful goals. The back four looked comfortable not because Real Madrid’s defense was well organized but because Bettis's attackers offered nothing. May be that is the reason why Real Madrid defenders thought to themselves ‘What the heck, lets just go forward and score more than … [Read more...]

Ronaldo’s Everlasting Ambition

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It does seem like a never ending road for Ronaldo. Whether he remains a Real Madrid player till his retirement or not, is a question I don't think even he can answer.  But one thing that is for sure is that Ronaldo will never complete his journey to perfection. He just wants to get better and better every year. And he doesn't want to get better in only a subjective sense. Ronaldo wants to get better objectively i.e by breaking more records. As great as that ambition might be, sometimes things just don't work out. And when they don't that is when the truly great players pick themselves up and enjoy the game for the team rather than for themselves.  This is one area where Messi will always be country miles ahead of Ronaldo. Ronaldo … [Read more...]

5 Uber Simple Ways to Beat Real Betis At The Weekend For Real Madrid

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Some people don’t like to do two things (amongst countless others). They don’t like to change and they don’t like to admit a mistake. Benitez certainly is one of those people.Benitez came under severe criticism after last weeks performance against Sporting Gijon. The media blamed Benitez for employing a system which restricted the movements of talented players like Ronaldo, Bale and Isco. The match ended 0-0 and as a result Real Madrid are already two points behind Barcelona.Lets just hope this won’t be a season where Real Madrid fall two points behind Barcelona early on in the season and eventually fall behind by five points when Barcelona beat Real Madrid in the Clasico. Can’t remember the number of times I have witnessed that … [Read more...]

Bale, Ronaldo and Benzema: 3 Pointers on Who Should Play Where For Real Madrid


Lets cut to the chase quickly here. Real Madrid have a huge problem it seems. As far as the attacking trio of Real Madrid is concerned, no one knows where to find who.Some say Gareth Bale’s position isn’t behind the striker as a free roaming number 10 because his traits are not suited to that position while others say Ronaldo must be sold in order to fix the mess that is the trio of BBC(Bale, Benzema and Cristiano.).Interestingly it was this same trio which scored goals at will two seasons ago when Real Madrid won the Champions League and in some style (apart from one hiccup against Atletico Madrid in the final due to Casillas’s howler) by beating Atletico Madrid 4-1 in the final after 120 minutes of high intensity football. What was Real … [Read more...]

24 (Succinct) Things Learned From Real Madrid’s Start to Season 2015/2016

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Barcelona (and Atletico Madrid as well if you care enough) won its opening fixture by a single goal margin. The only positive that came out of Barcelona performance against a very strong (at home only though) Athletic Bilbao team was, if you are a Real Madrid fan, that Messi did not score. He didn’t even get an assist.But that’s okay because Ronaldo didn’t score or get an assist either (again Sporting Gijon). It’s not like he didn’t have chances. He did have chances.The game against Gijon had a lot of interesting moments, twenty four of them are as follows:Ronaldo will do his tricks even when they don’t work no matter what the state of play is. He doesn’t care if the team is losing or winning. He wants to look good while on the pitch. He … [Read more...]

How Long Will Ronaldo Last at Real Madrid?

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Ronaldo, it seems has had enough of Real Madrid even before working under Rafa Benitez. And he cannot he loathed for it because this was the deal with Cristiano Ronaldo from the start of his Real Madrid career i.e he is a mercenary.Reports coming out from Madrid state it clearly that this would be Ronaldo's last season at Real Madrid.At Manchester United (where he is rumored to be setting his eyes on) Ronaldo spent six seasons and scored about 20 goals a season. He won 9 trophies at Manchester United under the guidance of Alex Ferguson. His 3 league titles along with a champions league medal were some of the high points of his career at Manchester United.So it is conceivable that he wants to live the dream again and play for Manchester … [Read more...]